Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Active Aging: Showcasing 60s Music @ RELC "Singapore’s Silver Strings have another anniversary do — and you really should go," says Christopher Toh from "Today" Newspaper

Venue: RELC Auditorium (beside Shangri-la) Saturday 14th August, 2014 @ 7.30pm. Read article on RIGHT BAR >  

Rickie - Lead Guitar

Bobo - Rhythm Guitar
Danny Boy - Percussion

Nick - Keyboard
Audie - Bass Guitar - Band Leader

Veronica - Vocals
Mustapha - Vocals

Mike and Herb - Vocals
Guest DJ - Larry Lai
Guest Artiste - Ernesto Valerio 

Evening's MC - Jerry Fernandez
Andy -Music Blogger

 Images: Private Collection Copyrights Reserved.

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Nicole said...

Hello Andy,

I tried sourcing for your contact but couldn't find it. I write for a town council newsletter in Singapore, and am trying to find someone to help me with an interview.

Is it possible for you to get back to me? I just need to ask you some questions!

Nicole said...

Hi again,
This is Nicole. I forgot to add my contact info to the prev comment.

PS: you don't have to publish these two comments. Just trying to reach out to you.

Andy Young* said...

We spoke. Thanks for your letters. I have answered them and attended to your request. Hope all goes well with your work and we hope to see it published soon.
Take care.

Silver Strings Short Story said...

Fifty years ago Audie Ng formed the Silver Strings at his home around Lavender Street not too far from the Rumah Miskin Police Station.

He didn't think the band could survive the turmoil and chaos Singapore went through those years. But it did.

From the confines of a nightclub called Celestial Room in Amber Mansion (where Dhoby Ghaut MRT stands today) to the splendours of Hong Kong's big lights, the band had tasted them all.

The chance came when the band secured a recording contract with Philips and cut a number of EPs fronted by singers Shirley Nair and brothers Mike n Herb.

It was easy picking of contracts and nightclub stints from then on.

Name the countries around South East Asia and The Silver Strings would have appeared and performed there.

It's a long story, fifty years of a music journey that the group enjoyed.

Check them out on Saturday evening when the band showcases its 7 original members and singers plus 3 musician friends who had to replace those that had either passed on or left the band.

(Merlin Lim, original rhythm guitarist, has promised to be in attendance at the latter part of the show.)



Veronica, dubbed Singapore’s Millie Small, gave a lively performance (yes, she performed My Boy Lollipop by Millie Small), still hitting those strident notes in style as she took over the final third of the show.

Andy Young — Singapore’s answer to Paul Anka — was more energetic than the man himself as he ran through some of Anka’s popular tunes.

The band played familiar faves from the ’50s and ’60s — and not just your usual Beatles/Elvis covers, either.

But what was amazing was the crowd’s reaction. Sure, most of them were my dad’s age, but the energy at the gig was fantastic. They were fans and they did what all fans did: They sang along with all their heart, they clapped and cheered lustily when each song ended, they even asked for selfies with Veronica and Andy.

But these words can’t really describe the full extent of the vibe in that club. You had to be there.

JAMES KWOK said...

A Personality is Drawn to Particular Kind of Music.

In one study, subjects were randomly paired and asked to get to know each other over a 6-week period. Well over half of the couples talked about music within the first week—by far the most common of all other topics of conversation combined. Why? The assumed premise is that our taste in music reflects our personalities.

Using a standard personality test, participants rated their partners’ traits, then the test results were compared to the individuals’ tastes in music. A pattern emerged to show that their “music preferences were reasonably accurate in conveying aspects of personality”.

The Many Health Benefits of Music on The Brain

By Daily Health Post August 13, 2014

Andy Young* said...

Thanks James for article. Should be an interesting read for music lovers.