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Active Ageing Well Supported: Pioneer Generation Package Posted @ Orchard: Silver Strings Delivered

                               The Late Bobo n Rickie: both lead or rhythm

             The capacity crowd at RELC International Hotel, Singapore.
Inspired by the forthcoming Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) 2014

Dear Andy,

Last Saturday evening was memorable for all members of the Silver Strings including the resident singers. My congrats to Audie Ng and the organizing committee for a wonderful effort in bringing back lots of memories of our younger days. I do admire some of the guests in the audience showing so much energy by rocking and rolling to the good old music.

I am sure many of us will strongly support the revival of local 60's music and we do hope to have more performances in the years ahead.

For others who could not attend last week and for those overseas, they may wish to view some videos uploaded by me.

Fabian Foo.

           (View Mr Foo's videos above and on the right side-bar of this blog.)

                            Below: Audie bass and Danny Boy drums.

                 Young Ones in the audience who, "Live while the flame is strong..."


Andy and keyboardist Nick.
                        Another young 'un with Herb (Beatle of Malaysia).

Hey Singapore, we've got a community here. The army of seniors from 60s pop culture was back to conquer Orchard Road last night. And the turn out of followers for Silver Strings Night was a good full house at the RELC Auditorium on 16th August, 2014. 

                      Below: Larry (MC), Audie and Jerry (MC).

                  Herb and Mike with Elvis impersonator Mustapha              

"RELC rocked tonight with Veronica Young, Ernesto and Greg, Mustapha, Mike and Herb, Andy Young and company at the Silver Strings 50th Anniversary Concert ... (from Alice Chong FB)"

                 Seniors seeing Silver Strings swing Sixties songs.

Photos put up are the clearest I could get on FB from dear friends Irene Yap, Richard Toh, Tan Soo Khoon, Veronica and Marissa DC:
1. From left the Silver Strings group at RELC International Hotel in Orange Grove Road: Nick, Herb, Mike, Ernesto (guest artiste), Andy, Danny Boy, Audie, Veronica, Bobo, Mustapha and Rickie. 

           2. The audience and supporters made the show possible. 
                          3. Tan Soo Khoon, former MP and music-maker.

Larry and Ernesto.

                               Mustapha, Herb and brother Mike

                                           Veronica and Andy

                                   Rickie and Bobo (on and off stage).

                    Danny Boy, the percussionist, interviewed by journalists.

          Sound engineer Patrick checking the system before performance

           "I'm sending you a big bouquet of roses, Andy..." Thank you.
           "Nice bouquet for a gentleman," from Lim Kuan Min.
                Mike and Herb rocking the house with Wooley Bully.

                  Full house at RELC International Hotel Auditorium.

                 Audie on guitar and Mustapha wooing with roses.

                                   Veronica, young on screen.
                       Larry Lai, MC with the most distinctive voice.
                             Click to read the 50 plus comments below.

Images from FaceBook of:
Irene Yap, Marissa DC, Veronica Young, Richard Toh, Tan Soo Khoon and Audie Ng. Thank you all.


Andy Young* said...

Hi Irene, I have put up your pictures on my blog but acknowledged it below the posting. Hope you don't mind. I didn't take many pictures that night. Please let me know. Thanks very much.

cc Veronica Young.

Hooha at Westcoast said...

Reliving the good memories of the "silveryears"... well done guys...

RANDY LEE FB said...

How's your concert on the 16th with The Silver Strings?

Andy Young* said...

Great. Full house. The band and singers got together to a truly wonderful anniversary celebration. Thanks. Sampei ketemu lagi.

EE. P. said...

Hi Andy,
Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of your band. Do have a great time. Warmest regards. Keep in touch.

TONY T.K.H. said...

Enjoyed the show last night. Thanks once again.

SMS said...


GYanSC said...

So happy to see Andy Young to be with good old friends to celebrate your passion of music: 50 years of Silver Strings! You look so good in the photo, fresh and happy. Wish could see you perform again. Continue to pursue your passion & dream.

Andy Young* said...

Thanks to everyone (personal friends and readers) who wrote in about the show with congratulatory messages.

IRENE YAP said...

Hi Andy,
I just realized that I missed out on Jerry and the full band pic but am happy you could use them for your blog.

Andy Young* said...

Thanks. You're a sweetheart!!!

RANDY LEE FB said...

Fantastic!!! Congratulations on the very successful concert and anniversary celebration... Cheers


Half a century has whizzed past for them!


Never saw myself like this for quite awhile.

IRENE YAP FB said...

Ha ha... Had to take your pic Nick.

Andy Young* said...

When I asked Richard Toh if I could post his photos on my blog he replied, "Sure, Andy... my pleasure !!!!!"

Thanks very much Richard. So my dear readers, the photographs you are viewing belong to wonderful fans and friends like Richard Toh and Irene Yap.

This posting couldn't have been without them.


Ernesto Valerio your set was awesome! Most enjoyable.

MARISSA DC said...

Grabe Mga Old song super love to listen to those song memorable moments comes in ! Watching my Boss Audie Ng Concert makes me cry and remember those days when I was young singing those songs ! Tnx Mam Veronica young you are such an Idol !! Good songs also Mr Mustapha listening those Elvis Presley and Tom Jones song ! Congrats to all yr Successful Concert !!


Pure nostalgia and pure reality ha ha ha. Thank you glad you enjoyed the show !

Andy Young* said...

Most Comments have been taken from Facebook.


Most welcome, Andy Lim... it was a nostalgic nite for us seniors ( Pioneer Generation ). All of us enjoyed !!!!

Andy Young* said...

Thank you sir. We must meet Richard. Up and On!

Anonymous said...

Hello Andy and all the Silver Strings Family,
I wasn't there in the flesh, but I was with you in spirit. Well done.
All the best

Andy Young* said...

Thanks to Erwin Maisch, Dick Yip and Chen Hui Shi for liking this blog posting.

Andy Young* said...

Thanks Steve, spoke to Mike and Herb about you and how I miss you not being in Singapore. Also told them about your knowledge of local 60s music and professorship at the uni.

Been a while now, 5 years this November?
Take care and please keep in touch.

AUDIE NG messages said...

It was a fantastic n enjoyable show relieving all those old hits with yr band n all the various performers. Great stuff!!!

AUDIE NG messages said...

Hi Audie,
this sms is to say, a big thank you for an unforgettable 50th reunion concert of the silver strings truly remarkable, you guys rock man...

AUDIE NG messages said...

It was a fantastic show and wished it could go on longer. Congrats again for 50 glorious years.

AUDIE NG messages said...

It was a roaring success. Some singers like Veronica still retain their voice. Well done.

AUDIE NG messages said...

V v good. We n friends from JB enjoyed v much n so happy singing away So hard work for u to plan the concert Thank u.

AUDIE NG messages said...

Hi Audie - thank u so much forputting up such a wonderful show for us last evening! I'm in my late 40s n so the music would be more of my mum's genre. I'm a big fan of music from that era n last evening I got a taste of what it must have been back in the heyday of the 60s music scene in Spore. Tk u for a memorable evening! Kind regards, Lisa.

AUDIE NG messages said...

Audie, it was a good and an entertaining performance by the artistes, ourself and your band last night. Good job and well done. D.

AUDIE NG messages said...

Hi Audie the show was great. good job n performance. I enjoyed myself very much. worth it. I forgot to wish you and your boys Happy Anniversary Silver Strings. all the best. good healthy. keep it up n God Bless. Take care everyone. D8-)
from: C.

Andy Young* said...

Above messages from Audie Ng's (band leader/bassist) SMSs.


Generally, he received many of them, these messages were positive, wishing and thanking everyone who performed and those who helped to make the show a success.

I must thank again those who contributed photos for this posting. Very generous and kind of you. Messages are still coming in.


Larry Lai... co-emcee for the nite !
Crooner... Andy Lim !!!


Indeed nice bouquet for a nice guy who still belts out tunes pleasing to the ears.

Andy Young* said...

Randy Lee Keng, Audie Ng, Doris Lim, Aaron Choo, Yen Chow, Priscilla George, Freddie Siow. Thank you all for the positive comment on FB.


Mr Lim, is this your own band? So happy to see you active.

Andy Young* said...

Yes, Herry Yes, I sang with them in 1964 and 1965; so our 50th Anniversary was celebrated last Saturday. Active aging. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the successful performance, Andy! A pity I didnt get to watch and enjoy the show. Do keep us posted the next round. Cheers! Yen


Good write out Andy will get back to you after this weekend.


Proud of you Andy. Active aging. I'll remember that.

Anonymous said...

Dear Andy,

Last Saturday evening is a memorable for all members of the Silver Strings including the resident singers. My congrats to Audie Ng and all the organizing committee for a wonderful effort for in bring back lots of memories of our younger days. I do admire some of the guests in the audience showing so much energy by rocking and rolling to the good old music.
I am sure many of us will strongly support the revival of local 60's music and we do hope to have more performances in the year ahead.
For others who could not attend last week and for those overseas, they may use to view some videos uploaded by me as what I did last November.
Fabian Foo

Andy Young* said...

Thanks to Yen, Erwin Maisch and Fabian Foo for their wishes and positive remarks regarding the Concert and to Veronica Young for appreciating this write-up.

Reviving 60s music in Singapore will surely be a discussion that will last for a long while...

YEN CHOW said...

One word. Admiration. 50th anniversary of The Silver Strings band.


Andy Young* said...



Anonymous said...

Dear Andy,

Thank you for the nice compliments.

For those who wish to view some of the videos on YT, here is the link:

Cheers and happy viewing.

Fabian Foo


Andy, looking good, suave and handsome....and the white "outstanding" (FB)

Allan Thompson UK said...

Dear Andy, Congratulations on the great success of the Orchard Road and Silver Strings concerts. You really do have a great music scene in Singapore and it is good that the veteran artists receive such a wonderful reception.

bazwalker1 said...

Hi Andy,

Nice to see you and Audie looking so young lah !!!!

You cannot beat the music from the time we were young.

Seems you had a brilliant turnout. Keep up the good work.

Very best regards


Andy Young* said...

Thanks again to Fabian Foo and Freddie Siow for the emails.

Thanks for greetings from the UK, Allan Thompson and Barry Walker who have been ardent supporters of this blog and its content.

Someone mentioned about a 60th Anniversary concert. That's a tall order. Hopefully we are all still around then :-).

JAMES SEAH said...

Thank you for sharing with our nostalgia friends.


Danny Koh Pianist Extraordinaire said...

Hi Andy,

Heard about your show at RELC.

Well done and congrats. Sorry didn't have time to watch. Have you got it videoed? Would love to have a copy. I was just next door (Shangrila Hotel)to RELC. So near yet so far.

Hope to see you sometime. Just one question, is your surname Young?



Bro, it's great! Diana brings back fond memories of Andy.


Hi Andy
Simply great. Keep up. I love those old songs - romantic, nostalgic, magic. Yes, those were the days.

Andy Young* said...

Thanks very much to James Seah, Danny Koh, Zainal Abidin and Shaik Kadir for the support.

Romantic, nostalgic, magic. You are right, sir.

chakap chakap said...

"They also opened for English pop icons the Rolling Stones, at their first concert at the Singapore Badminton Hall in 1965."

The Straits Times Press LIFE Section.
16th August, 2014.
Article by:
Eddino Abdul Hadi

chakap chakap said...

They wrote their own songs but were also seen as the band that could play with anybody. They backed everyone it seemed, including Veronica Young, Andy Young, Shirley Nair (who was their longest-serving singer, from 1964 to 1967), Mike & Herb, Anita Sarawak and Paul Cheong.

"Oldies But Goldies"

TODAY Newspaper.
Article by:
Christopher Toh.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

Attended the concert on 28th Dec 2014 held in Sentosa Island where Audie Ng had a performance with some new members of the group.

A few videos have been posted on my Youtube account and more to come. You may wish to include this in your blog so that others in the forum get to see the concert. The weather on that day was wet and we all had to carry umbrellas.

Cheers for the New Year 2015 and I wish you and all readers here a good year ahead. Keep on rocking.

Fabian Foo

Pop Music Not Pills! © said...

Thank you Fabian. You're a great fan.