Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Big Ben Beckons Cindy To Carnaby And "Clair"

Cindy is my neighbour from the 60's who found and contacted me after spotting me on TV.  We exchanged information as we had not met since our childhood years.  

When she told me she is involved in live theatre, loves pop music, and had lived and studied in the UK for some time, I thought it was best if I asked her to write and tell me more about her adventures there.  She replied:

Our Lady In Spain
"Gorgeous girls strutting along the streets with knee high boots, ultra short hot pants with velvet berets, the radio played Knock Three Times, (I tapped my feet each and every time) Clair, Vincent, Maggie May over and over again.

Cindy Lai
Passing by boutiques along Carnaby Street, the blasting lyrics and story telling of these great music hit you. Everybody was in love and seemed happy. There was never a dull moment. Those were the oldies but goodies! Retro will always be the in thing."  
She never told me but the songs she quoted suggested that she could have been there in the early 1970s since Tony Orlando, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Don McLean and Rod Stewart were chart busting songsters those years.

"These iconic names had lured me, The Beatles, Twiggy, BIBA, Kings Road Chelsea, Portobello Market..." 

She has 3 blogs and they reveal more about her as she explains why she was attracted to Big Ben's chimes.  Cindy had gone to London to be trained as a fashion designer and has been in the business since.  She has a boutique called, Cindy Hales in Singapore.

            Gilbert O'sullivan Clair by you tube mohawk 3881.

She is resident costumier with Players Theatre since 2003.  "Being a qualified school teacher, my passion remains in coaching both children and adults in the aesthetic skills incorporating traditional techniques and advance technology."

Every few years she seems to be re-inventing herself, so from fashion design she's now into traditional Chinese herbs.  She's also a UK certified Aromatherapist, creating music for your nose.

If I remember correctly her father had a prominent tailor shop across the road from my home and was a well-known Qi Kung master. Following dad's footsteps I guess?

If you want to know more about this talented, skilful lady and what some of the photographs mean check out her blogs @: 
Images: Google and Cindy Hales.
Above: Luna Id's production of The Physicists which played at The Durrenmatt Festival  and won Production of The Year at the 2005 LIFE! Theatre Awards.  Cindy designed the costumes.
Below: Cindy Lai's father who was a Qi Kung exponent.
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Cindy Lai said...

Thank you Andy for sharing my very fond memories. Keep up your fab blogging; the world is waiting to catch up with your creativity :)
For gen X & Y, here are the songs.

Andy Young* said...

The song 'Clair' is the love song of an uncle for his young niece, though for the first part of the song, the ambiguous text leads one to think that it is from one adult to another.

The little girl's giggling is heard at the end of this song. The 'Uncle Ray' mentioned in the song is O'Sullivan himself, a reference to his real name of Raymond O'Sullivan.

Poor mum and dad.

Seriously, it's a truly beautiful song. O'Sullivan puts that certain something in his songs to make them special.

Andy Young* said...

"Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfilling of the law."

Thank you Cindy. Sharing memories and songs with old neighbours would make for a more peaceful earth.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

This post has been rejuvenated today, so Cindy if you read this note, do write in to keep in touch.

Your stories have always been full of cheer and surprises. I shall be posting another one where she met the BEACH BOYS in Singapore.