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Golly! Whacked By A Brolly! Allan With His Story

Self defence with an umbrella. Daily Mirror (9.1.1902).
The previous post about make-shift cinemas brought some interesting responses from readers. While most letters were short but very sweet here's one from Allan Thompson, a regular contributor, who writes about his encounter with the lady and her brolly.

By a strange co-incidence Dino's lovely song from the 50s above is a favourite of mine. "With her umbrella in her hand she's never shy, And that's the reason why..." Thanks Allan and to all the rest who wrote in.

             Dean Martin: The Lady with the Big Umbrella from 46NathanDrake.
                     Dino's most amusing   and captivating song.

 Dear Andy,
I liked your piece on make-shift cinemas and I've already mentioned two such cinemas in previous articles: the one at RAF Kuching and the other in Changi Village.  I did not visit the one in the village, but my friend, Joe Hutchinson, went there with some of his friends.  He told me that he wondered why most people were carrying umbrellas until he realised there was no roof and he was soaked when the rain came down during the show. 
There was also an occasional film show on the basketball court outside the Malcolm Club at RAF Changi where films were projected on to a large temporary screen. 

I also recall this court being used for a concert by the Band of the Far East Air Force who included a number called the "1812 Twist". This was a speeded up version of the "1812 Overture" but instead of the sound of cannons being fired at the climax, recorded machine-gun fire was used. Very effective.

Carry an umbrella, just in case it rains!

I believe I also mentioned the seats in the Capitol cinema which slid forward when you leaned back in them because they ran on ball-bearing rails or something similar.  Very innovative but quite alarming the first time you experienced it.

Theme Song Was Popular in the 60s.

I once took a young lady to the Capitol cinema to see The Legion's Last Patrol (the title theme from this film was very popular in the early 1960s). She had brought her umbrella with her too, coincidentally, but it was not because the Capitol lacked a roof, as I found out to my cost.  When the film was under way, I slipped my arm around her shoulder and she whacked me on the shins with her brolly.  So unexpected and painful-lah!
An umbrella as a weapon too?

The Capitol was a favourite cinema of mine and I recall one Saturday when I had arranged to meet my Stangee Place girlfriend and her two younger sisters there.  I went to the cash desk and asked for three full price tickets plus one Forces concession for myself.  The girl behind the desk told me that officers were not entitled to concessionary tickets and I would have to pay full price. 

Indignant at being mistaken for an officer, I showed her my ID card to prove that I was non-commissioned, which caused much mirth to my young lady's sisters who were amused by my inverted snobbery.  

More cinematic memories to follow from Allan Thompson.
Ken Thorne & His Orchestra - Theme from 'The Legion's Last Patrol' by Mr Purser.

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