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A Scottish Pop Star Sang At The National Theatre

For Your Eyes Only: Sheena Easton: James Bond Opening Scene.      
                                                         by: atomic eyes.

*W. K. Yang, the chairperson of one of the largest and most established eye-wear businesses in Singapore, sponsored a show featuring a female pop star from Scotland to sing at the National Theatre at Tank Road.  It was an ideal situation since she was one of the biggest names then and the theme of the show was appropriate to the product being sold by the company.
One of the James Bond biggies when Roger Moore was 007.
The singer in question had made a success with two songs she recorded since she started out in 1980. Her first song Modern Girl only became a hit after the second, Morning Train nearly topped the charts. 

Singing the title song for the latest James Bond flick established her as a star since it became a world-wide hit.  She also remained the only artiste to be seen singing a theme song to a James Bond movie during its opening credits.

For Your Eyes Only, an 007 original nominated for an Academy Award in 1981 in the category Best Music (Original Song), not only advertised Nanyang Optical as an already established spectacles retailer but brought Sheena Easton to our shore.

The advertisement from Straits Times Press.
The Grammy award winner and the singing sensation was voted Best Female Singer of the Year and Best Female Personality of the Year. Pat D'Rose in a local newspaper article called her a veritable chilli padi, small and dynamic in more ways than one.

Another Singapore journalist, Kannan Chandran, described her as "distant and clinically competent"  but a majority of the audience who attended the concert and expected a good time were not disappointed. The gig was promoted by Johnny Young Productions. His was a familiar name and sponsored many local 60s pop music gigs. Ticket prices were inexpensive since patrons paid only $20 to see an international star. 

There is still an unanswered question. Did I witness this extravaganza at the National Theatre? Ah... More importantly, did you attend the show? Tell us.

*Yang Wah Kiang- From Geylang To Orchard.

He is a friend since I started wearing glasses at a very young age and visited his father's shop at Geylang Road which opened in the 50s. When Yang Junior took over after his father passed on I was already a regular so it was no co-incidence that I saw the Sheena Easton poster outside his shop one afternoon while browsing for a new pair of glasses.
Mr Yang Wah Kiang Chairman Nanyang Optical
He made the company what it is today, expanding it many-fold and which now stands as an enterprise that also produces uniquely designed spectacle frames.  His shop has expanded and he owns a sister company with a now prestigious brand called Alexis Eyewear Boutique that has outlets at Orchard Road, the most up-market environment in Singapore. Fifty years on and still going strong. Like Sheena Easton who holds fort even today, Yang is just as popular with his frames and lenses as Easton is with her singing appearances.

This post is a personal one and does not promote any artiste, product nor person.

Images: from Google and Straits Times Press.



In the US Easton is a two-time Grammy Award winner and achieved 6 Gold albums and 1 Platinum and has sold over 4 million albums in the US alone, and over 20 million records worldwide.

She has recorded 16 studio albums, released 45 singles, and has 15 Top 40 hits on the US Billboard Hot 100. Sheena Easton is the only artist in the history of the US Billboard charts to have a top 3 hit on each of the Billboards key charts consecutively: Adult Contemporary, Dance, Pop, Country, and R&B. In the UK, Sheena has 3 top 40 albums and 8 top 40 singles to date.

thedarksideBJ said...

Music: Sheena Easton 'For Your Eyes Only' (Rare Demo 1).

Video: Sheena Easton 'For Your Eyes Only'.

This is a rare demo version, not the official release that was used in the film. Those of you who are familiar with the song will notice some differences in the lyrics and with the music also.
I wanted to share this one with you, so I put the demo into the soundtrack and did some editing to the video so that it's more or less in sync' to this demo version.

I like both the official release and this demo' with it's differences. It must be one of the most beautiful (and SEXY!) songs ever recorded. Hope you enjoy.

OneHitWonderGuy said...

As a big fan of this song since I first heard it back in '81, I was blown away by the new lyrics - thanks for a really amazing post!!!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

A post i forgot but remembered today because of Andy Ng's posting on his FACEBOOK. One of my favourite songs too. Thanks Andy for the reminder.

Nanyang boss Yang is semi-retired now but sits in Shanghai wayside restaurants and cafes sketching on his note-pad and draws spectacle frames for his business enterprise. Some of the frames in his shops are of his own creation.

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY RELEASED BY SHEENA EASTON on 3rd August, 1981. It was 35 years ago. Thanks again to Andy Ng.


Deeply appreciated. Thanks.