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Kugiran Les Jolly Jets, The Dreamers: Johore.

1) From You Tube video by miha 622

It has been a while since I posted articles about kugirans (Malay pop guitar groups) from the 60s so when an email and a photograph came from friend Jimmy, Decibels' former guitarist, I decided to publish the information he provided. He wrote:
2) Jimmy's photograph taken at site.
Hi Andy,
I was enjoying my nasi padang at an eatery in Nusajaya Johor Bahru recently when I looked across where I was seated and saw a few old cameras and an old vinyl record displayed on a shelf against the wall. I learnt from the owner of the eatery, Mr Fadli that his wife's uncle was a member of Les Jolly Jets. The band only lasted for a couple of years though. He obliged when I asked if I could take a picture of the displayed record (pls see attached). I also told him to check out your singapore60smusic blogspot. Btw, do you know of this band?

Best regards,

Dear Jimmy,

Thank you for the email and photograph. There were bands mushrooming all over Malaysia those years and I am not familiar with many.  So I checked You Tube and found this group featured. Les Jolly Jets might have had a good following in Johore Bahru in the 60s as these bands played at home parties, weddings, cinemas and night clubs in the area. Like any business opportunities, Malaysian record producers would contract these more popular bands to cut a vinyl. 
The Dreamers from Muar Johor.
Some time ago I bought an EP of a band called, The Dreamers and from the information on the cover they came from Muar, Johore (image 2). I am just wondering if any reader is familiar with these two groups from the same State.  The songs, if they are of any help, include: Tetap Setia, Kemana Menghilang, Gadis Impian Ku and Kenangan Menjelma. Very roughly they mean, Always Faithful, Where Have You Disappeared To, My Dream Girl and Girl Reincarnate.
I guess Zaino Mum is the lead singer for Les Jolly Jets and from the information on the back cover, Zainal Omara and Shahrin Shah are the singers for The Dreamers.  Apparently Zainal Omara was also popular with two hits, Dodoi Anak and Sapu Tangan (is this the pop folk classic from Indonesia?)


If group members are still around in J.B. and reading this posting, give me a write.
Image 1: You Tube miha 622.
Images 2. Jimmy Ch'ng.
Image: 3. Andy Lim Collection.


JEAN said...

Hello Andy.
I know I'm a bit late with this post as I came across your blog while looking up Amber Mansion's Celestial Room. My late mother(who was an Eurasian from Katong in Singapore) often talked about the tea dances there and how jovial & classy they were. Everyone made an effort to dress smartly for a soirée back then. Elnett sprays for girls and Brylcreem or Tancho for the boys were de rigueur.
Thanks for the picture. It gave my search an added identity to my Mum's anecdotes about her teen years in her beloved Singapore in the 50/60s. She was so proud to have come from a rich multiracial society that was/is Singapore. Such solidarity is illustrious and unseen elsewhere in the world.
Cheers Andy!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Jean,
Thanks for the beautiful tale about your late mother. She must have been quite a 'cool cat' those years.

Glad to hear about Elnett, Brylcreem and Singapore's multi-racial face. You are right about solidarity being "unseen elsewhere in the world."

Appreciate your visit. I went to your profile but could not link to your blog...

My Metro, Ahad said...

Translation from above website, about 'The Dreamers' and singer Zainal Omara:

For Zainal, it all started when a friend from the same hometown playing music required a singer and set up 'The Dreamers', which also comprised Ainie and Shahrin Hamid Shah.

In the early stages, they only sang at wedding ceremonies until they met M Osman who introduced them to the record company representative in Singapore to produce an album in 1966.

In later years, Zainal was also indebted to a late M Shariff or (real name) Shariff Awang who previously hosted performances involving a lot of 1960's singers to perform concerts.

These concerts, in the 1990s, were often held in Johor Bahru near Zainal's birthplace in Muar. Because of the close relationship between music players in 1960's he did not have the heart to refuse every time he was invited to perform.

Under the current situation, he was not singing seriously but rather took the opportunity to seek and catch up with old music friends.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

The above article in Malay was titled: "Mahu jumpa kawan lama" and written by: RUDY IMRAN SHAMSUDIN from:

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Comment about: Zaino Mum & Les Jolly Jets song,'Aku dan Dia.'

"Lagu ni pernah jadi juara penyanyi pujaan minggu ini kalau tak silap dua atau tiga kali... dikelolakannoleh MIA... Mohd. Ismail Abdullah DJ Radio Singapura... zaman 60an: Sayed Nordin Sayed Osman."


This song won the best loved singer for the week on two or three
occasions by pop DJ MIA or Mohd. Ismail Abdullah on Radio Singapore in the 60s.

greatisnothing said...

Tahun 60an dulu saya memang minat zaino mum ni tapi adakah ini saja lagulagunya...

During the 60s I was a fan of Zaino Mum but is this his only song...

sayednordinsayedosman said...

Zainu Mum dan Les Jolly Jets... cuma ada satu ep saja... lepas tu... lenyap...

Zainu Mum and Jolly Jets has only one EP... After that they disappeared.

A-Go-Gojira said...

I have a copy of this Heather and Cliff bootleg too. I also have quite a few records I think is bootleg or pirate releases from the Singapore/Malaysia area. These are labels like National (Maria Dan Jasni Iringan The Addend Boys), Sharikat Ocean (Salim I Iringan The Commandos), Pilana (Nancy Sit, A. Romzi Dan The Hooks) and probably some others. There seems to have been a LOT of pirate labels in Singapore and Malaysia back in those days. I wonder if anyone ever got caught and if so, what happened to them?

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, the likelihood of buying a fake record in the 60s is common since there are so many in the market those days.

Even if they are caught they come back again to do the same business. You cannot really stop them completely.