Thursday, February 07, 2013

Prelude To Valentine's Day - The Sweetheart Tree

Johnny Mathis - The Sweetheart Tree - You Tube Video from NancyFloresSantos


For all lovers out there.

One of the most beautiful rendition and sung by the man with a voice so unique you would want to play it forever.  It's the 23rd original studio album released by singer Johnny Mathis and his seventh for Mercury Records.

The song was featured in the movie, The Great Race starring Tony Curtis and Natalie Wood (below).  Whether it was sung by Natalie Wood herself is uncertain.  I must thank Larry Lai for remembering this song.

The Sweetheart Tree (1965)
They say there's a tree in the forest,
A tree that will give you a sign;

Natalie Wood
Come along with me to the Sweetheart Tree,
Come and carve your name next to mine.
They say if you kiss the right sweetheart,
The one you've been waiting for,
Big blossoms of white will burst into sight
And your love will be true evermore

(They say if you kiss the right sweetheart,)
(The one you've been waiting for,)
Big blossoms of white will burst into sight
And your love will be true evermore

Arranger: John Brimhall,
Composer: Henry Mancini,
Lyricist: Johnny Mercer,
Movie: The Great Race.
Publisher: Alfred Publishing Company.

Image: Google.
Video 2 by: cashare fromYou Tube.



Is that really Natalie's voice? It sound a little too good to be her. She wasn't really a singer.

(From You Tube connection).

zefallafez said...

It's Jackie Ward singing.

(From You Tube connection).

BATURO45 said...

Thank you Andy for sharing this lovely tune... quite a refreshing change from the incessant noise one hears these days.

Kind regards

magg jnne said...

Hey Andy,

That's a lovely rendition. It sure doesn't sound familiar to me but it does stir nostalgic sentiments. Simple lyrics yet so so meaningful. Thanks heaps.

Gong Xi fa cai to you and family.

just me

LL said...

My friend, an avid gardener and music collector, has asked for The Sweetheart Tree, written by Henry Mancini.

I think it was featured in the movie The Great Race, starring Tony Curtis and Natalie Wood.

Happy Lunar New Year!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Again many thanks for the response to the new posting about SWEETHEART TREE. A song that a friend asked for has brought back fond and pleasant memories of days long gone.

RONNIE SEE said...

Dear Andy,

Red signifies friendship and love, that always glows and glows!

Thanks for sending the beautiful song "The Sweetheart Tree", I'll try to sing but would rather you do it.

Wishing you and all in the Family, A Happy, Healthy & Prosperous Lunar New Year 2013 and beyond!

Warmest Regards.

JOE said...

Thanks a lot, L and A,

Loved the 2-in-1 version by Natalie & Mancini combination.
Doesn't really matter if Jackie Ward sang it. Their rendition is simply beautiful and a joy to listen to. Best wishes for the CNY & Valentine's day.

LL said...

Well, I certainly did not expect such overwhelming response to 'The Sweetheart Tree'. Thanks to all my friends for your comments.

Andy did one thing further, he hunted down the YouTube clips of Johnny Mathis and Natalie Wood and put them in his blog!

FREDDIE said...

Tks Andy - Lovely tune for that era. Could probably be re-mixed to suit current time. You agree? Nonetheless, most suitable for valentine's day... I guess.


ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

No sir, it's not been remixed. It's original and so is the voice :)

Thanks for the visit and comment.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

To magg jnne, Baturo45, LL, Ronnie, JOe and Fred. Many thanks again to all of you who wrote and commented. Like I always mentioned, this blog wouldn't have been without all your support.


Spillover from previous posting about Andrews Sisters:

The Chordettes, The Fontane Sisters, The MsGuire Sisters, The DeCastro Sisters and The Lennon Sisters. These are all the names that I heard for the first time.

I spent more than one and a half hours to listen to The Chordettes, The Fontane Sisters and The McGuire Sisters. There sang so many lovely songs.

I will listen to The DeCastro Sisters and The Lennon Sister some other times.

I have added a few names to my LP purchase wish list.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I am glad to have initiated you into appreciating some music from the 50s. Youngsters are missing a lot nowadays by not delving into past music genres.

We always learn from history. Thanks for visiting again.

LOUCAST said...

Hello Andy,

I have managed to retrieve the song that haunted me all these years, however I do not know if this is the original recording which, in my opinion was sung at a faster tango beat.

As mentioned in my mail, the strains of this and other lovely mandarin tunes could be heard from the coffee shop down stairs not far from my house in Joo Chiat Road when I was a school boy in the 50's.


ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Arthur thank you,

We must meet one day. This is one of my mother's favourite songs. She's the one who speaks the language and would listen to the radio when my dad's not using it. She introduced many of these 40s songs to me. I think there're a lot of other ones in the same genre.

Not many people know these melodies except for people in our age group. I just wish some of our younger folks especially those who work at the museums, libraries and related industries would learn more about melodies by just listening and ENJOYING them. If there's interest there's always learning.

Again thank you.


Lam Chun See said...

Thanks for sharing. First time i heard this lovely song.