Friday, December 07, 2012

Wanted: Like-Minded, Retired Musicians For Jams

As the population is greying, we are looking for like-minded, humble retired musicians to get together for afternoon tea and jamming sessions just to pass the time fruitfully and build friendship. As such we are looking for the following:

Guitarists, Drummers, Keyboardists, Vocalists and music enthusiasts to come together and have fun.

No agenda other than friendship and fun. If anything serious develops, it's a BONUS. During our silver years we need only each other to make our days fruitful.

Those interested please leave your contact on the Comment page below. Let's meet later to take it a step further. Your contact details will not be published.

(I have been asked by a retiree friend to forward this announcement. Do write in if you feel it in your bones. This posting does not generate any revenue.)



The senior Old Victorians of Victoria School is organising a "Victorian Gold"reunion on 1 Feb 2013 at the school, and would like to invite Swee Leong to this special Homecoming of the Golden Boys.

Many Old Vics of Swee Leong's era wld like to be reunited with him at this special Homecoming. Appreciate you kindly ask him to contact email:

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Your email and phone number have been sent to Swee Leong. He would contact you soon.

All the best for a successful reunion.

magg jnne said...

I am wondering if you have any uploads or if you know any links for ling seow/ling xiao's concert dvds - his nostalgic 40 yrs concert 2007 and the one in 2011? any idea where to get the dvds? i can;t find them anywhere in the stores. I really love his rich and soothing vocals, and would love to view his past concerts in recent years. any idea if the singer is ever married..or some profile on him?
pls assist. thanks

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi magg jnne,

1. Thanks for visiting this blog but I am not in contact with DVD shops nor suppliers. I hope readers can help you.

2. Regarding your second query. If you wish to help you can write a profile of him and I can post it on this blog. Readers can expand it somehow with their contribution. Would be a nice idea.

IVAN CHEW said...

Hi Andy,
Nice initiative by your friend.

I'm involved in (yet another) national project portal. This time it's for the Arts and Culture. The portal isn't going to be ready so soon (target June) but tell your friend to look out for it. Or he can email me and we can already start discussions on how to make the portal work for people like him. My work mail is

Btw you might want to send a permalink of your blog post (like this rather than the generic URL of your blog. Easier for people to forward and get to the exact post later.


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