Monday, December 31, 2012

One For The Birds - A Hornbill At My Balcony

You Tube Video: Snowbird by Anne Murray (The Oldrecordclub). 


I heard a thud on my balcony while reading the newspapers this last morning of 2012. I looked out and saw a hornbill.  I was thrilled. Compared to the numerous sparrows and merbak jambul that frequent our place, this one up close was a huge creature as it perched itself roughly on the shiny garden chair. I have been trying to observe this particular bird for months having seen it streaking around this wooded area with its yellow beak and jet black feathers.

It was about nine o'clock and cloudy but I whipped out my trusty iPhone and took some shots. The bird flew away after it left some poop on the ledge. It must have got bored.  I checked Google Images and realised it could be an Oriental Pied. Here's a paragraph about this bird.

"The Hornbill is the national symbol of Sarawak. The people there view the bird as a symbol of purity. They use either the bird itself or its representation in their religious ceremonies. In Sarawak, as in other South East Asian countries, the hornbill is a protected species: from"

As usual, my music memory took me back to days of yore and songs with a bird theme. There is Humming Bird, Mockingbird Hill, Snowbird, Bye Bye Blackbird, Bye Bye Birdie, Blackbird, Fly Like An Eagle, Mockingbird, Rockin' Robin, When The Red Red Robin, Eagle. And the famous Indonesian one is, Burung Kakak Tua (Parrot) by Anneke Gronloh.

It's a short selection because I am sure there are many more songs with 'bird' titles. If you know any please contribute.

Happy New Year 2013 everyone. Symbol of purity huh? Hope the bird brings me better luck than the dragon year did. But it's not over is it, the dragon year?

Marina Bay Countdown 2013 Tonight.





Great Mr Andy Lim will save yr page on my hp so that I can follow yr posts.

Blessed Christmas to you.

ingeniusmarketer said...

I want to thank you for listing those 'bird' songs in your post about the 'hornbill'. It brought a tear to my eye as I wandered down (or up) that memory lane. I don't live in Singapore anymore but my heart is so much there. I am old enough to remember all the songs you talk about going back perhaps late 50s right up to today (I have a business but I am still involved in music).

My band, The Sundowners, was one of those memorable lounge bands during the 'lounge music' era in Singapore, early to late 70s.

I appreciate so much your sharing and your memory for music - there are not many who can recall as far as you do in a blog -I can relate or share these legends with you.

God bless you and I wish you and your family a blessed and safe 2013!

JollyGreenP said...

Wow Andy! these bids are getting bold. Saw a pair at Changi when I was visiting. I managed to get close but not this close. Then Ann and I saw another pair on Pulau Ubin but they were probably about twenty feet above us in a tree. I think there is no doubt about it the Pied Hornbill is back in Singapore.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Byrt,

Thank you so much for your letter and for visiting again. I am so happy that you appreciate my blog and the songs I feature.

Please feel free to share stories about your band The Sundowners. I have asked music makers and many of them remember the lounge band.

(Hey it's exactly the stroke of midnight as I am writing this. The fireworks are in the night sky across at Marina Bay and we can see them from our balcony.)

Happy New Year Byrt and everyone else. Let's hope we'll have a great year this year.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Good morning to you. Glad you read this posting about the Oriental Pied. You know we were truly fascinated because there was this glass pane between me and the hornbill. It was pecking at the glass probably because of its own reflection. I was so afraid that the glass would break.

Please write to me again leaving your email address. I won't publish it on this blog.

Thanks for visiting again. I am waiting for your posting. Will it be coming soon?

Happy New Year. It's the first of January now!

FRED SIOW said...

Wishing u and family the best of 2012 and beyond.

AUDIE NG said...

May d coming year 201 brings u prosperity,good health n peace of mind to u n your family Happy New Year Audie n family

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you Fred. Peace and goodwill and a prosperous time for you this year.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Audie, All the best for peace and goodwill and a prosperous new year.

CYLIN: said...

Hey Andy,
It's almost the end of one day in 2013, here in Sydney. As to songs re: 'birds', I can think of 'La Paloma' (the dove) sung beautifully by Nana Mouskouri and another 'Una Paloma Blanca' by Demis Rousos. This really dates me!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Lin for your choice of songs. I love them and should've selected LA PALOMA as video clip.

Enjoy your stay down under. It's boring here.

JAMES kWOK said...

Hi Dandy Andy,

May each day of your New Year be completely filled with Love, Joy and Peace.

James & Alice.

HAPPY TAY said...

Have a Happy, Healthy & Blessed New Year, Andy and Love Ones.

"Warm" ('s actually - 1 (C) over here now) wishes,

Guru Happy & Family

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Again many thanks for all the best wishes and sincere feelings about this blog. If I can put some joy in a few hearts I am grateful.

Teoh said...

When I was driving to Kenyir Lake, Terengganu many years ago. I was so happy and excited when I sight a giant hornbill. Now you have one visiting you right at your balcony!

I remember 2 songs about bird too. They are "Yellow Bird" and "Fly Robin Fly".

Wishing you a very happy and blessed new year.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks BC. A giant hornbill is a thrill. I have seen pictures of them on the Net. They are huge!

Your two songs are very popular, even now. "Yellow Bird" was a top hit by the Brothers Four and Kingston Trio. "Fly Robin Fly" was by Silver Convention.

I remember they came to Singapore in the mid-70s and stayed at the Goodwood Park Hotel in Orchard Road. I have a copy of their LP.

Thanks for visiting. Our friendship has gone back many years now since we first met in Singapore because of our blog connections.

If readers click his name, "Teoh" the blog is still available for reading. Check him out.

LAI SIMIN said...

Singapore? Probably the oriental pied hornbill.
So cute! How lucky for the hornbill to grace your balcony.