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Impian Semalam: The Dream Last Night: Encore!


This posting is a repeat from Tuesday and Wednesday Dec 1st and 2nd, 2009.  I found the You Tube video of Impian Semalam above by the Ohello Sisters after it was deleted for some time. This Indonesian song is so popular it has been covered by many singers in Asia. It has also been translated into Chinese in the 60s. If you know the title in Hanyu Pinyin and are familiar with the two singers please write to this blog.

Ohello Sister 1 (You Tube Gundulero)

1st Posting on Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Impian Semalam                                  
Waktu semalam bung, aku bermimpi   
Bertemu ular bung, besar sekali         
Ular menggigit bung, jari kaki ku       
Suda mengiggit bung, ular berlalu     
Ku picit, picit, darah keluar               
Aku menjerit, "Adu!" hingga tersedar 
Apa kah itu bung, erti maksud-nya?   
Impian semalam, sangat seramnya?   

The Dream Last Night

Last night dear/brother/lover, I had a dream
Was confronted by a snake, a very large one
The snake dear, bit my toe
After doing so, the snake moved away
As I pressed and pressed (the wound), it bled
I screamed, "Ouch," as I woke up
What does it mean dear
This dream last night, a most frightful dream?

A few months ago, while looking for my favourite Indonesian pop song Impian Semalam, I chanced upon the You Tube version, was mesmerised by the sex appeal of the singers and their interpretation of the song.

These singers are the Ohello Sisters, as in 'Oh hello!' not 'Othello' (Shakespeare's Moor). The accompaniment uses modern and traditional instruments and is in Indonesian Malay, so if you understand the language it's a plus, otherwise just enjoy the music and the ladies! They are fabulous and very cute!

It is a well-known fact that some songs in the Indonesian Malay language were penned by the Chinese in Indonesia. Impian Semalam was written by Indonesian Chinese composer, Oei Yok Siang who lived in the 1930s. More about this great man in another posting. I know there's a Chinese version of this song too. Anyone?

2nd Posting on Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Interpreting the lyrics:
The symbolism is obvious. The song depicts the expeience of a pretty young maiden within the confines of flora and fauna. In her dream, the snake appears, bites her and disappears. As she relates her dream to her mother or friend, depending whether it's "bu" ("ibu" - mother), "bung" (brother/lover), the interpretation is clear. 

YouTube: from Gundulero.
Original Article: Andy Lim

Mencari Ohello Sisters. Kalu mampir di blog ini, sudi menulis...

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