Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Phyllis Diller And Her One-Liner Killer: Gone At 95

Phyllis Diller
Unless you are in your 50s or older you won't know who Phyllis Diller was because this stand-up comedienne and a favourite of mine had passed on. With *Bob Hope , *Jack Benny they'll make a terrible threesome in heaven now.  When these famous comics were on earth they rocked the living rooms of the world with their jokes, mimicry and one-liners.

I have included the above video of Diller with glitterati Liberace because this blog is a music one.  In case you don't know who Liberace was, well, watch out for future postings about this talented and flamboyant pianist as he was also another all time favourite of mine. Meanwhile just listen to him  hitting the keyboard together with Diller on her piano that was washed so clean the black keys disappeared altogether.

Bob Hope
A Phyllis Diller one-liner about old age:  "Don't let the word Madonna bother you. The day I grab my crotch, it'll mean it's falling off."


I have been reminded that I am a bearer of sad news. Not true. I am but a bearer of people who made an impact in this world and who have passed on. I don't think we should feel sad when these people die. We celebrate their  achievements by honoring them and announcing their deaths. But we can still appreciate them on CDs, DVDs and video clips.

Jack Benny
These were the radio, TV and movie personalities who entertained me as a youngster and who are still entertaining me on You Tube. I grew up with their jokes and songs. If  I were asked to switch to watch local English TV then the quality of entertainment must be better than what it is now.


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You Tube Video by: showmanlee.
There are many websites in honour of Phyllis Diller.

Latest News:

Actor-comedian Jonathan Winters died of natural causes on April 11, 2013 in Montecito, California, US.

I would wait for programmes that featured him as a guest artiste on the Dean Martin Show and Johnny Carson Late Night either in Singapore or Canada and viewed his movies whenever he appeared as a co-star like in It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad WorldMork and Mindy (knowing that he was Robin William's guru) was another favourite, anticipating his appearance on the small screen at home.

(Check out Larry Lai's comment below about Winters).


Arthur said...

Thank you Andy, and your posting is a collectors item now... now that the both of them are gone... may they rest in peace!


ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Arthur appreciate the visit.

LARRY LAI said...

Thanks for the (sad) news.

I met Jonathan in the early 80's when Hyatt Regency hosted the Celebrity Tennis charity series. I emceed two of these. I think Jonathan came for both, along with such luminaries as Peter Graves, Jack Carter, and that lovely Playmate whose name escapes me for the moment. And a whole lot of others.

Lovely man.