Monday, August 27, 2012

Free Admission: Invitation From Melaka Friends

The Valiants from Melaka, Malaysia
Hey Mr Andy,

The Valiants will be organizing a music fest in Melaka, Malaysia on the 16th of Sept. My dad, G.S. Dionysius would love to have u with us, please keep in contact with me. If u need any assistance in getting u a place to stay here. Kindly let me know. Have a great day.

Best Regards,
Joel BLACK Dionysius
Training Manager
August 26th, 2012.


Thanks Joel for your kind invitation. I really cannot tell you now if I can manage to go but I have put up the poster and your record cover again today.  I must thank you very much for the friendship and care you have shown to make us feel so welcome to join your gig. I have always known Malaysians to be the nicest people in our region.

I will surely try my best to be at the performance.

Yours sincerely,
Andy Lim
(You can write to me on Comments for Joel Dionysius' telephone number.)


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Image: Andy Lim Collection.

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