Monday, July 31, 2017

National Day Songs Thru The Years (1984 - 2017)

Singapore School Children Celebrating National Day
33 Years of National Day Songs:

National Day songs are specifically composed around a particular theme for the National Day Parade which is held every year on August 9. Here's the list:

1984: Stand Up for Singapore by Hugh Harrison
1985: Stand Up... 
1986: Count on me Singapore by Hugh Harrison, Jeremy Monteiro by C Chow

1987: We are Singapore by Hugh Harrison, Jeremy Monteiro.

1990: One People, One Nation, One Singapore by Jeremy Monteiro, Jim Aitchison
1998: Home (家) by Kit Chan
1999: Together (心连心), by Evelyn Tan and Dreamz FM

2000: Shine on Me (星月), by Jai (English version) and Mavis Hee (In Chinese)
2001: Where I Belong (属于), by Tanya Chua
2002: We Will Get There (一起走到), by Stefanie Sun

2003: One United People (全心全意), by Stefanie Sun
2004: Home" (家), remixed version by Lin Junjie, Kit Chan
2005: Reach Out For The Skies (勇敢向前飞), Taufik B/Rui En, Elaine Chan, Rui En

Singapore Children's Choir
2006: My Island Home (幸福的图形), by Kaira Gong
2007: There's No Place I'd Rather Be by Kit Chan (陈洁仪) Will You Local Artistes
2007: Will You by Jimmy Ye with group performers

2008: Shine for Singapore (晴空万里) by Hady Mirza (English) and Joi Chua (In Chinese)
2009: What Do You See (就在这里) by Electrico (English) and Kelvin Tan (In Chinese)
2010: Song for Singapore by Corrinne May

2011: In a Heartbeat by Sylvia Ratonel
2012: Love At First Light by Olivia Ong, Natanya Tan
2013: One Singapore  by Sing A Nation Choir

2014: 2015: Our Singapore by JJ Lin
2016: Tomorrow’s Here Today by 53A
2017: Because It's Singapore Lee Wei Song, Jay Lim

Information from: Wikipedia: Music of Singapore.
Images from: Google

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Alberta said...

My all time favourite is still "Home (家)" by Kit Chan. ♥

Andy Lim* said...

Honestly I have no favourite. I like only some of them though and one of them is "Home".

Thanks for visiting.

LTP said...

Probably 'Home' has the best tune from the rest of the songs played during the event, and it simply stayed on my head playing.. like a LSS effect(last song syndrome) :)

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

This post is an updated version as new National songs are added. If the information provided is inaccurate please advise.