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Christopher Toh Interviews Sing60s Music Blogger

"Heralding our heritage: Bloggers of all ages share what our past means to them." The extract below is  from TODAY Newspaper dated 13.07.2012. For the full story by Christopher Toh click the connection:

Andy Lim at the Esplanade
SINGAPORE - A group of bloggers will be giving a talk about our heritage, and what it means to blog about our heritage.  One of the speakers is Andy Lim, who used to sing with popular 1960s Singapore pop band, The Silver Strings. He said that keeping his blog has had a two-fold effect.

"These four years of keeping the blog have been rather rewarding," he told TODAY. "One reason is I got to meet so many of my old friends online, We didn't really have much social contact back then. But now we keep in touch through the Internet. The blog also brings the knowledge of our heritage to the youth of Singapore."

Lim said that his blog is a little different. "It's is more about the scene in those years. Like I talk about the night-clubbing and food scene."

Added writer Yu-Mei Balasingamchow, "Heritage is sometimes overlooked and taken for granted, but (thanks to the bloggers) when you see it described or in a photograph, you can make the connection." For Lim, he said that he hoped the talk will not only inspire younger Singaporeans, but older ones as well.

"Nostalgia is positive and personal history and pictures tell stories. I think it's really good for seniors as well as youth as it important to know about our heritage.  There is a line from John Fowles, who wrote The Magus, which says, 'Our present is our past.'"

Image 1: from the afternoon edition of TODAY newspaper in Singapore. Copyrights Reserved.

Images 2, 3: from The Esplanade Concert August 2010. Copyrights Reserved.

(The above  article is an edited version of the original.)

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