Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hardly Any 60s Song About Leap Year. Anyone?

It comes only once in four years. I was googling for 1960's Leap Year songs on the internet and found one but it is for a 2011 movie of the same name featuring 16 songs from its soundtrack.

There are so many songs themed towards special days and holidays such as New Year, Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day (featured in the previous postings on this blog) but there are actually not many 60s songs about the 29th of February, not the day, the month nor the year. 

A movie called, Leap Year (2010) featured a pop 60's hit, Dream A Little Dream of Me. It was an Anand Tucker film. This particular song is a 1931 number that has been recorded by so many singers.

Here's a list below, the closest I could get to, but whatever it is I could not leave 29th February without a posting:

Jumping Jack Flash - Rolling Stones (1968)

One O'clock Jump - Count Basie (1937)

Jump For Joy - Duke Ellington (1959)

Another Day - Paul McCartney (1970)

Today - John Denver (1964)

Today - Elvis Presley (1970 album)

Today - Beach Boys (1965 album)

Today - Herbie Man (1966 album)

Today - Perry Como (Oldies 1987 album)
Quite a controversial list. Anything to add or comment? Any 60's local music song with a similar theme? Thanks.

I guess lawyers may have a hard time with legal documents today? Wouldn't they? How does one refer to any record that reads 29th February?

Or a birthday? If one is born on this day? Do you have your celebration once in four years or on the 28th and the 1st of March?

Cute ways to think of using today, a truly special day. It's like I'm one year old four years (another leap day) later if I'm born today?

A Happy Leap Day Birthday today? Anyone?
Image: Google
Video: You Tube Song featured in movie, Leap Year: 'Dream a Little Dream of Me': Mama Cass (Mamas and Papas fame).

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chakap chakap said...

This post has been revised. It's Leap Year again because it's 29th February today 2016.