Thursday, November 10, 2011

Radio TV Singapura Family Album: Thanks Horace!

A note from Horace Wee:

"Thanks for posting Joy Suares on your blog. I don't know if its of interest, but I found this picture (image 2) taken on January 2009 of the four of us. L to R: John Lee (Tenor saxophone/Music arranger), myself Horace Wee (Guitar), Joy Suares (Double bass under Gus Styne and Ahmad Jaffar orchestras) who was 90+ years then but passed on recently at 93 and David Chen (Trombone). Both John and David were with the TCS Orchestra till its disbandment. It was a sort of reunion that day as we had all worked with the Radio/TV orchestra at one time or another.

I checked also the mention of Guantanemera (image 1). Yes its my vocals, and very strangely, I only got a copy of the 45rpm vinyl disc from a friend who was getting rid of his LP's quite recently. Funny thing - after all these years (40), many people come up to me and recall this recording. PS. The making of this recording. I had the guidance for the pronunciation of the lyrics from the (then) Spanish wife of veteran violinist Julai Tan, who had recently returned after many years living in the UK. Cheers,
Thank you for the contribution.
Image/article: Horace Wee.


Anonymous said...

From Julai Tan's posting:

Julai Tan @Fullerton Hotel. I have his mobile number. Contact Andy for my email.

Peter C.

Andy Young* said...

From Julai Tan's Posting:
From Julai Tan's posting:

Thank you Peter. I used to have his number but when I called him a few weeks ago for an interview which he approved I found that it was taken by another user.

I hope Poesy Liang, who is an artiste herself will get in touch.

Anonymous said...

From email:


Just to inform those that knew him,
Joy (Joachim) Suares- Double bass player from the Radio Orchestra(RTS) - under Gus Styne & Ahmad Jaffar, passed away yesterday at the age of 93 years.

I was fortunate to meet up and
have a coffee with him Friday
before last. He was frail but alert, and still managed to shuffle down to the coffee shop to meet me. I have known him for more than 50 years. Wow!

Now he is on the heaven bound
flight to join God's Big Band Gig!

Say a little prayer to send him on his way.

Horace Wee.


Anonymous said...

From email:

My deepest condolences to the family of Joachim Suares. In heaven, he will have eternal happiness- that’s for sure.

And yes, he can even play his Double bass there, since he had so much passion for music! God Bless!

Raymond Anthony Fernando.


Andy Young* said...

From email:

Thank you Horace for making me part of your large family of music makers and enthusiasts.

I do not know Joy Suares but I am sure he would entertain the heavens too with his double bass and I say this in all seriousness.

It's about people like him that I am writing this blog and have been doing so 3 years now. Singaporeans must remember these music people somehow and I hope the documentation on my blog helps.


Anonymous said...


From private email:

You have now seen John Lee and David Chen's images.

Remember when we're having a coffee talk in town during my last visit to Singapore, you had a chat with David in regards to locating John Lee?

See!!! now you have had your wish.


Andy Young* said...

From private email:

Small world and smaller Singapore but thanks to great friends like you and others who were total strangers before my blog, I can gather some to my 'Kopi Tiam'*

Maybe I should change my blog name? But Copyright by Kopi Tiam.

*Chun See's idea.

Anonymous said...

i would love to know where i can find a copy or mp3 of "Unspoken Words" by "The Julai Tan Trio" - how about THAT for a blast from the past? - anyone with answers please reply to - i thank you!


wow, is that really Horace and Joy?
they really haven't changed much ,lol.
i was offered to work with Horace and Joy at Horace's studio right after he opened the studio. and was even offered a partnership if i had not followed my parents to emigrate .
but unfortunately, life is life. i do miss singapore with its all-year summer climate, but it's been ages since i been there. never got the chance to visit .
horace, if you read this, give me an email so we can write to each other.
cheers from canada
matt-tan (co-founder member of Fried Ice)(session bassist for Jim Minchin gospel album where Horace invited me to play for Jim).

Horace Wee said...

Hey Matt,
Just saw this. Hey long time man.
I'll let Andy give you my email instead of spreading it all over here. Have seen some other postings of yours. So funny-incredible that you remember so many things I was messing with. Including the wig. Hah

Cheers, Horace


GGHi Horace,

I just came across this morning. How are you? Haven't seen you since we recorded Guantanamera. I am Elizabeth (the other half of the Girvin sisters). Any chance of meeting up someday? Contact email, xxxxx

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I have relayed your message via WhatsApp to Horace with your email address to keep it confidential.

He will reply to you asap.

Good Luck Elizabeth.