Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mel n Joe Ferdinands: My, How They've Grown!

Mel agreed to meet Andy for a personal interview but everytime they fixed a date, one of them got too busy. They had postponed it a few times but since Mel and his brother Joe would be launching their book soon, all decided that blog readers should be given a peek of the book instead. It's not out for sale yet but here's a morsel from the blurb:

"Stalwarts of the local music scene, Mel & Joe have played, sung and done it all. Household names since they first appeared on television in 1971, Mel & Joe are not only two of Singapore’s best-loved musical talents; they are living proof of our rich musical past and vibrant present.

From the early days of Talentime and the black-and-white broadcasts of RTS (Radio Television Singapore) to their glorious heyday with one of Singapore's top bands, Gypsy, they continue to rock on with passion.

Throughout their musical journey, family support – parents, siblings, wives and daughters – has been instrumental in giving them the love and inspiration that was needed to strive to continue to be the best they can be musically.

Music brings the brothers even closer, and at the same time, continues to forge a strong spirit of camaraderie that they share with their audiences.”

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Article from book: I Play And Sing. Copyrights reserved.

Image 1, 2: Mel n Joe Ferdinands Collection.


FL said...

I am given the privilege to make the 1st comment ? Well, I watched that year talentime series till the final in 1971. I remember watching the two brothers Mel & Joe performing on TV. They were young then and I thought the guitars they carried back then were too big for them. I also remember there was another group made up of I think family's members in that year's talentime. They were very young too, playing some instruments and they called themselves something like "Indra........." Cannot remember the full name of the band.

Andy Young* said...

Mel and Joe are bigger than their guitars now and more popular than ever.

I too cannot remember the name of the group and have asked for assistance. So expect an answer soon.

Thank you FL for the input. Even the authorities in the 60s took Talentime competitions very seriously then.

There was a Straits Times news item in June 1965 that reported Nestle products organising an all schools talentime in Singapore.

The Palimentary Secretary for Education Mr. Rahim Ishak was the Guest of Honour to give away the prizes.

The Talentime for Schools was held at the National Theatre in Tank Road which also raised funds for children.

The eventual winners were Alfred Tan from Boys' Town English, "The Shmoos" from Anglo Chinese and M. Sandra from Dunearn Technical.

Talentimes then are a pale comparison to 'Singapore Idol' today.

But with all the stage gadgetry, lavish, glittering costumes and pancake make-up on TV, the idea that a singing contest judges a singer's voice and stage performance, is lost.

Andy Young* said...

According to good friend Dennis Tan, the group was, "Trio Indra" a family concern playing acoustic guitars.

peter said...

I see a Mel's Place in Katong. It's a alfresco pub and there is a band stand. Mel & Joe play there?

Andy Young* said...

Well Mel and Joe. Question for you. So try and answer please.

FL said...

Hi, Andy, ya I think it's "Trio Indra" a family group in that 1971 Talentime, too. Like Mel & Joe, they were also talented, too. I wish them posting and talking about the past, too. And also post some pictures of them in that year's talentime. I also could not recall who was that year's talentime host. Could it be Mr Larry Lai, eh ? Thanks.

Andy Young* said...

Thanks again for visitng, FL. I always believe it's best if we allow the person who was present (if we can get them) to make a formal reply.

So here's a question for Larry. Were you the compere for the evening?

Cowboys said...

We've been posed with this question many times but the place in Katong called "Mel's Place" has no connection to us.

Cowboys said...

We've been asked this question many times. Although it's called "Mel's Place", it has no connection to us.

Andy Young* said...

Thanks Cowboys for the answer. Mel's Place has no connection with Mel and Joe Ferdinands.

Lesley Tan said...

Just gotten to know The Ferdinands this year and think they are a brilliant talent and a very close family. So proud to have then as my Facebook Friends, I try my utmost to support any member of the family, as best I can!