Sunday, October 09, 2011

"Muzik Melayu Sejak 40an": Oleh Yusnor Ef

                   Aidil Fitri - Sanisah Huri - Lyrics by Yusnor Ef: Video by Layanz Cherita.

I was invited to Yusnor Ef's latest book launch at the National Library at North Bridge Road (image 1). It was held at the Pod on the 16th floor. The gathering, that included Minister Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim, was well attended and many of the invited guests enjoyed good food and music performed by Sri Gemilang, an 8 piece orchestra that featured traditional Malay music like Bunga Tanjong and Bengawan Solo. Their lady singer Cha Cha provided soothing vocals in air-conditioned surrounding.

The book, which is in Malay, traces the development of Malay pop music from the 40s to the 70s. Content has philosophical quotes about music from Mencius, Aristotle, Beethoven, P. Ramlee and a host of other well-known personalities.
Interviews with the various Malay artistes, composers, their lyrics and songs abound as stories are told complete with record-cover images and photographs from yesteryear. The different genres of Malay music, that include discussions on its roots, growth and final blossoming, are appropriately covered by the author.

My favourite pages are those that trace the development of music from Malay movies, the Pop Yeh Yeh kugirans (garage bands) and Lagu Lagu Jenaka (humorous songs). To reveal more about this exquisite book would not be fair to Yusnor Ef. Besides, I am still reading it. Best is to get a copy if you are keen to learn more about Muzik Melayu Sejak 1940... an.

Oh yes, there's a CD with 25 Malay classic songs included with the book.
This posting is not a book review.

Image: Invitation card of which the left half is the book cover.

Original article: Andy Lim.


one day at a time said...

Yusnof helped with my Zubir Said book but we've lost touch. Glad he's been recognized for his contribution. Tx for sharing!

Best - Juliana

Anonymous said...

From Shaik Kadir:

Thanks, Andy. Read it in the papers as well as your blog.


Andy Young* said...

Thank you both for your replies and visit.

Unk Dicko said...

Glad that you were there for this event.Malay music has evolved to what we know it today. But many of the old music has never lost its charm and influence.
As a matter of fact, I'll be kicking off my next public performance with a half hour of Malay songs at the Esplanade, on Monday 14 November 2011. Time: 7.00 pm at the Concourse.

Andy Young* said...

Ok Dick, I will try to be there. I love Malay music just as much.

Anonymous said...

From private email:

Thanks for bringing me into the gallery to read and relish your good old buddies, their amusing exchange of ideas & experiences.

Andy Young* said...

Thank you. Appreciate the feedback.

Anonymous said...

Hi bro,
Thanks man. Hope to see you again
Warm rgds,

Andy Young* said...

Let's hope Yusnor writes another book.

Thanks for the reply.

FrameTurnerWins Pictures said...

Just spent 60 Euros on a boring research book recently. This one sounds interesting. Any chance you could fly me a copy Andy? Will do an internet transfer from UOB. :)

Andy Young* said...

Yes, but book is still not available on the market.

Have sent your email address to Yusnor Ef. The organisation will get in touch and you can get your copy soon.

Anonymous said...

From Z:
Wow, the book by Yusnor Ef is a major discovery for me.

I have many songs from that era, now I need that book to accompany them.

Please provide some info on where to buy it. Many thanks!

Andy Young* said...

Z has since been advised by return mail from Blogger.

Anonymous said...

Where can I get this book in Malaysia? Its for my father.


Andy Lim* said...

You can write to the author: