Friday, October 28, 2011

Change This Blog To An Internet Shopping Centre?

Maybe I should convert this blog into an internet shop like e-Bay or and start selling the products that I write about. Won't it be a great idea? Imagine the amount of money I can make with just a 10% cut. These letters below are just a few of the mail I have received where surfers and friends have requested to buy CDs, vinyls (records) and books. Here are some of the letters:

1) Just spent 60 Euros on a boring research book recently. This one sounds interesting. Any chance you could fly me a copy Andy? Will do an internet transfer from UOB. :)

2) I am Santhosh from India. I would be extremely grateful to you if you could help me get the MP3 of the following songs of Ervinna. I had a cassette which had 22 English songs of Ervinna, which got destroyed. I have managed to find 13 out of that 22 - but could not get the following 9 songs. I am ready to pay.

3) This musta be the Dinoref that you have mentioned to me... gonna have to see if I can gets my hands on one of Michael Goh's albums of Dinodevotion...

4) Wow, the book by Yusnor Ef is a major discovery for me. I have many songs from that era, now I need that book to accompany them. Please provide some info on where to buy it. Many thanks!

5) "Mary Ho Any chance you have a Red Fender Stratocaster in your collection? ; ) Also, you mind sending me an autograph version of your CD? I will do a $fund$ transfer from here if you don't mind.

6) Do you know of any other copies of the EP (The Diamond Four) that are in existence?

7) Mary Ho commented on a post you were tagged in."I don't have a red one at the moment but would love to own one if I can find it.:) I'm in London now, saw one at Harrod's yesterday but it's a three quarter size... I didn't buy it. Glad you mentioned my CD, will autograph it and send you a complimentary copy. Please let me know where I can send it to.:)"

No I'd rather leave it as a blog and make my usual comments about Singapore 60s music. So please keep on writing because this coming November the blog will be 3 years old. And I am not trying to promote it. Just having fun. And I probably won't earn 2 cents from it.

What do you readers think?

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Original article: Andy Lim.


Unk Dicko said...

Andy, at our age what we need more and more is that probably will come in trickles from any $ -related motivating move. Along with that comes "work" and once that happens..the FUN is gone forever. The key word for me and you is this very impt element in what keeps us going...FUN!

Andy Young* said...

Thanks Unk Dicko for the good advice.

Unk Dicko is The Wise Old Owl who has lots of fun by playing on his ukelele and entertaining others at community centres and other social venues.

Like him, I'm just having a great time!

Anonymous said...

From private mail:


If you are 15 years younger, I would encourage you to embark on this enterprising venture, considering the popularity of your blog. I doubt you want to try it.

Your blog is quite unique in that it is a valuable and free source of historical vignettes complete with colorful/bw pics and music videos of the 60s music scene of Singapore and hence its

You may have to make a stand to declare the non-commercial nature of your blog when too many requests come your way.


James Seah said...

Hi Andy,

Why not if you have so many fans looking for these out-of-print vinyl records?

I do not have experience with internet shopping place but if you could run like eBay, this would be an enterprising idea to reach music lovers to look for these stuff.

You are doing a good service which other places currently are not available elsewhere.

Apparently you are not doing a business because so many of your blogs on your site are helpful to 60s music lovers to share.

I hope you get more feedback and ideas from your blog readers and fans.


Anonymous said...

From private mail:

Good idea! At least earn some lunch money!


Andy Young* said...

Thank you folks for all the comments. I appreciate the valuable time you take just to answer my question.

It is easy to decide which road to take. The amount of business that could be done would be negligible and like Anon said it's only "lunch money".

My idea in creating this blog is to leave a legacy with our young in Singapore and that we had a vibrant, local pop music scene in the late 50s, 60s and 70s.

What has made it more interesting is that some Singapore record companies have suggested that I place advertisements on the blog to promote their vinyls.

Then I will be at their mercy!

Andy Young* said...

Thank you KM and James. Two opposing views from both. Like I explained it would be interesting to do so.

And age and money are not factors to consider. Imagine the number of friends I could gather from all over who have the same hobby and sharing ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hey,why not?

If it's not too hectic and demanding on your health and life style, "pick up the cudgel" and "whip the bull home",man.

But, you got to know that it is a long on-going & time-consuming business......If you got the time why not?


Andy Young* said...

Thank you sir. But I doubt I would take on the advice.

Too much hassle for a few dollars.

FrameTurnerWins Pictures said...

Haha... yet another cheeky post by Andy. People who produces such work used to worry a lot about vinyls and CDs being pressed by pirates. These days, the world is having a hard time producing any bands that can sell; even if they have a lot of "hooks" embedded into their songs. Even a famous 90s band called 'Radiohead' gave away their new album for the masses to download for free some 3 years ago! The internet is a boon & bane. So those who chooses the creative path might have to sing the following song forever! "The Best Things in Life are Free..." -- Money by The Beatles. Ohh... how the creative world has come to a new circle.

Andy Young* said...

Thank you Erwin. I am learning again from you.

Your comment is always refreshing and out of the box.

Always appreciate replies from the younger ones. You all know much more.