Thursday, August 11, 2011

When Noodle Man Uses Bamboo Percussion Part 1

A little deviation from the norm:

Watch FOODAGE tonight and listen to the sound and music of food hawkers as they call out their wares in Singapore 60s. There's the Indian rojak (spicy salad) man and won-ton mee (noodles) man. The former shouts his food on the five-foot ways of Geylang Road while the latter has an assistant who creates a *percussion solo on his bamboo sticks (yellow image above). They are music to the teenager's ears who hops out of his home to patronise the vendors and savour the yummy treats.

*Comparable to the drum solos of Gene Krupa (from the Benny Goodman Orchestra) and Brian Bennet (from The Shadows).

Media Corp. FOODAGE Documentary: Octo Channel Thursday Nites: 10.00 pm.

Read more about hawker calls in Singapore and click to: 'Comments (General)' or 'ConnectionMusic' under Labels below:

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