Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Stereos: 'I Really Love You' - A One Hit Wonder

From Steubenville, Ohio is an RnB or Doo-Wop group you might have missed in the late 50s and early 60s. A few sites on the Net introduced members Bruce Robinson on lead vocals, Nathaniel Hicks (first tenor), Sam Profit (second tenor), George Otis (baritone) and Ronnie Collins (bass).

They were known as The Buckeyes in 1955 and recorded two songs on Deluxe Records in 1957, Since I Fell For You with Be Only You and Dottie Baby with Begging You Please. Both records did not make the charts. Have you heard these songs?

In 1959 they added Leroy Swearingen (first tenor) and released their first record as The Stereos, A Love For Only You and Sweetpea's In Love on Gibraltar Records, but again failed the charts. Before Swearingen left the group, he wrote, I Really Love You and was then replaced by Nathaniel Hicks.

On September 25, 1961 I Really Love You on Cub Records made its Billboard Hot 100 debut and peaked to number 29 remaining on the Hot 100 for 9 weeks. A couple of weeks later on October 16, 1961 it became a number 15 hit record on Billboard's RnB chart.

They continued releasing singles on various labels through 1968 but none of the songs made it. The group is known as a one-hit wonder and their only record remains on many oldies radio station play list today. (Edited.)

The Stereos are not The Platters but the song's pretty cute. Catch it on the right-bar.

(For LL who introduced me to plenty.)

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