Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Jokes Adapted For Singapore

Campus girls in the US and UK are reading our Singapore jokes not realising that some of the jokes are theirs, not all, some. 😊

1) Batman, flying around the Botanical Gardens in Singapore with Batgirl during     Valentine's Day, told her, "You're fun to hang around with."  

    She replied, "No way, not at the moment..."

2)  How did the Yeo Chu Kang farmer greet his wife during Valentine?
     With hogs and kisses.

3)  The snake in our Singapore Zoo?
      Hugs and hisses.

4)  The caveman in Stone Age Singapore?
     Ughs and kisses.
5)  What did the accident patient at The General Hospital say to the pretty              nurse during Valentine, "I've got a crutch on you."

6)  Ah Beng, who is in Secondary Four but in love with his English teacher, got        B-Minus for the language. On Valentine's Day he sent her chocolates and            flowers and wrote boldly on the card, BE MINE.
     She replied, "Thank you," returned everything and wrote, "It's still BE-MINE-      US."

7) Which pop song describes The God of Love as brainless?
     Stupid Cupid by Connie Francis.

8) What do singles call Valentine's Day?
     Independence Day.

9) You date her on Valentine's Day.
    After that it's Ching Ming's Day. (All Soul's)

10) Ah Beng loved the Beatles song, "Do You Want To Know A Secret?" So on           Valentine's Day he went up to his innocent girl friend called, Ah Lian                   and sang it to her. 

      She walked off in anger after listening to it. Because his English was so             weak, he thought the song title was, "Do You Want To Smoke A Cigarette?"
Jokes have been localised and some are original ones.
You Tube: Aretha Franklin.
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Batman/Batgirl: from hdqwalls.com   High resolution. Thank you guys.

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matt tan(MJST zbraXing 2017) ex-fried ice s'pore. said...

this is so funny. as a late comer, i never got to read your older articles..
so a moment ago (11:59pm ..here now ..a minute before midnight..)
i decided to visit your blog to read some of the old articles.
naturally, i chose "beautiful girls" as the first ones to read.

i never thought you were a comedian. no wonder you're already missing don rickles.
i remember him too. isn't he that one who kept insulting ethnics??? i thought they were funny, as even as a kid then, watching him on my dad's b&w tv with shows like lassie, rin tin tin and cliff richard , i liked rickles a lot.

well, there's going to be a big bash up there, with don rickles going through st peter's gate. he will have to explain to st peter that he wasn't serious when he insulted ethnics, as peter was ethnic too LOL