Monday, November 15, 2010

Lonely Street, You Talk Too Much: Locke/Quests

Okay, so here he is. The guy who needs no introduction to our local music fans is one of the more successful singers in the 60s. He came from across the sea and together with the already famous Quests, unfurled music so potent that many youngsters today still think that they are the only pop band in Singapore.

Backing Mr. Dynamite, and with about 10 songs on his own list, The Quests say adios to Keith Locke with this particular recording. If you look at the image carefully you will notice a caricature of him in the background, with the special 'K' long-sleeved T- Shirt, boarding the plane and waving his last farewell. I just managed to get this vinyl during the week-end, recorded on 12/04/1966.

So for those who do not possess this pressing, simply titled, Keith Locke And The Quests, on Columbia/EMI: DO 4664, SOME SLEEVES SPEAK reveal: "This is Keith Locke's final record and his farewell tribute to the hundreds of fans that his voice brought him, during his singing career in Singapore.

Keith, originator of the Push Push beat and the dance of the same name, recorded this final single shortly before he left the Quests, homeward bound.
In the same tradition as his other records, You Talk Too Much (Jones, Hall) and Lonely Street (Sowder, Hearn, Belew, Stevenson) present Keith Locke as a highly competent singer. It is, in fact, his best record, with the warmth, emotion and feel for a song tht put him at the top with his first disc, You Lied.

The Quests provide some superb backing on this record, with snatches of fine guitar-playing. Keith adds everything else.

It may be goodbye from Keith but it's the only way he felt he could adequately express it... through a record.

And this is what his fans will remember him for. It's thank you to Keith for so many wonder songs, and as he would have said it himself, "Be nice, baby!"

Image: Universal Music Singapore. Andy Lim Collection.

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FL said...

Keith Locke was one of my favourite singers in the 1960s. Of course, he was backed by the ever popular group, The Quests back then ! Those years, the radio & Redifusion played their songs on air frequently with songs like, Don't play that song, Push Push, Be my girl, etc. I regret that I did not keep those vinyl records I bought those years ! Hope you have the latest info or update of him, and what he's doing now. Thanks

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks FL for your support. You are so knowledgeable.

I found a website about Keith Locke and will post it soon.

I have also requested through a friend for Henry Chua (Quests) to do some write-ups. Hope he will, so please be patient.

Thimbuktu said...

I love that push, push tempo style by Keith Locke and my favorite singer accompanied by The Quests in my schooldays in the 1960s.

BTW was it Jap Chong the lead of The Quests where he once stayed in Tiong Bahru?

Appreciate if someone could help me with some "memory aids" for them. Thanks in advance.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I have to confirm that Jap Chong lived in Tiong Bahru but as far as I can remember, that was the place where great Singapore 60s bands started.

Answer anyone?