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Keith Locke And The All Stars: Newcastle upon Tyne 1967. What Happened After He Left Singapore?

Discuss Newcastle upon Tyne and Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch, The Animals, Sting and even Jimmy Hendrix come to mind. And don't forget Bryan Ferry and Dire Straits in later years. The news item below appeared in THE EVENING CHRONICLE and published, possibly, in 1967. (Copied from a newspaper image):


"A Jamaican blues singer who has topped record charts in the Far East three times, has moved to Newcastle to join a leading local beat group.

Together they hope to explore on the North East with their version of soul music which they are busy rehearsing for the first booking at the end of this month. Kingston-born Keith Locke, now living at Graingerville North, Newcastle, decided to come to Tyneside because, ' the teenagers here are ready for this kind of music'

A few months ago he met Burt Lowes, manager of The Jazz Board (image) beat group. The group and Keith were impressed with each other and decided to team up under the name of Keith Loke and the All Stars.

The reaction of Tyneside teenagers to this combination will be vital, for Keith gave up considerable success in the Far East to come to Britain. He embarked on his singing career at the age of 10, and after winning talent contests gained experience by doing cabaret work in Jamaica before joinging the RAF in 1957.

His next big step was a singing tour of Singapore in 1959 when he formed a trio with two other West Indians. They took part in their own radio series, but Keith eventually merged with four Singapore boys to form his own group, The Quests.

'I was impressed at the style and line up of the Jazz Board which is suited to my style of music and I think that this area, with its growing club life, is ready for a new sound. We plan to sing and for a huge and audience and not just blast away. We are rehearsing non stop and will launch a fan club soon.'

'The lads hope to develop a different kind of music to explode on the North East and really put it back on the musical map. People are tired of listening to just a 'Big Noise' and are demanding something better', explained Mr. Lowes."

Is this the answer to: 'What happened to Keith Locke after he left Singapore?'

Information: http://www.readysteadygone.co.uk/jazzboard/

From a blog called 'Rog's Blog' by Roger Smith.


Unknown said...

My brother Jerry Pasqual (co writer of the Thunderbirds' My lonely heart) says Keith Locke died in a car accident in the UK in 1966.

Fred Pasqual

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Frederick,

I understand that Keith Locke was in Singapore a couple of months ago. Although we didn't meet I have friends who have seen him and spoken to him.

By a strange co-incidence I was just talking to a drummer friend this morning about your brother Jerry Pasqual who co-wrote a song, 'You'd Better Watch For Him' with Alan lyford.

Can you write to me again as I wish to feature some of his songs on my blog and am trying to get in touch with him. I understand he is in Perth?

Please leave your email address. I shall not publish it.

Thank you for visiting.