Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Valiants - Melaka, Malaysia, Bristol, England

(A) SOME SLEEVES SPEAK (Sleeve liners):
"Most pop fans here have been demanding a new sound in music for ages. Now Philips have found this sound and introduce to you - the Valiants (image). Malacca-based Valiants have been together for three years.

Last year they were joined by John K. Couzens - a modern musician from Bristol, England. With John's guidance they have sprung from being a popular instrumental group to the top close-harmony group in Malaysia.

For the past six months they have become the most popular vocal group in Malacca. Their act on stage has the two main essentials - versatility and variety. Just listen to these four numbers penned by lead singer John and you will agree that this new sound is here to stay."

(B) Andy's Comment:
The above sleeve-liner was written by one M. Hanny and some scribblings on it noted that the vinyl was catalogued by a radio station on 24th January, 1968. Using this date as a guideline, Couzens could have joined them in 1967 and the band could have been together since 1964 or '65.

They must have reached some peak in popularity in Malacca, Malaysia or else Philips would not have invited them to record.

Vinyl info: The songs include: Big Wheel, My Elaine, Running Wild, Daddy's Home. All songs are by Couzens. Vinyl #437833 PE. It is a mono recording.

The group members: John K. Couzens (lead singer), William Rodrigues (rhythm), Roger Foo (bass), Gerald Dionysius (lead), Nik Pinto (drums) and Peter John Cutting (manager).
                                      Valiants current line-up 

(C) *Peach Fuzz Forest Blog Posting:
"John was in the army and posted to Asia, where he hooked up with the band. The Valiants were an instrumental band until he arrived and added vocals, morphing them from **Indo-Rock to British beat. He wrote all the materials on this EP, although the band still sneaked in some twangs from their instrumental days.

John's wife was called Elaine (one song title) and came from Australia. He moved to Perth in the late 60s and formed Stonewall Jackson's Virginia Volunteers."

(D) Blog Comments:
1. Absolutely rare indeed, I wonder 'bout the other 2 tracks of the EP...

2. The other two tracks aren't as interesting, unfortunately! Pretty ordinary harmony pop.

3. Rare and great stuff, especially Running Wild; should've been an instant garage comp classic!

4. Very nice tunes!!! Rare and unique!!!

5. John Couzens looks like the singer in our rock band here in Perth around 1968/69. Does anyone know where John is at present?

Anyone know this band? Are they still around?

Edited article/Image: Andy Lim Collection.
**Could be Pop-Yeh-Yeh since they were from Malaysia.

Francis Theseira - current band members from The Valiants - passed away on Friday morning (20.01.2017).


Joel said...

Great postup sir, my dad is Gerald Dionysius(lead). Would love to have a copy of the songs. How can i go about this. Kindly advice , Sir.

The band is still performing but without John.

Gerald Dionysius would love be in touch with you.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Joel,

Thank you for the kind words. I shall contact you if you leave me your email address which I shall not post on this blog.

I doubt I can record the songs as I do not have the machine to record vinyl to CD.

Thank you for visiting.


Hi Sir,


Plus, the Valiants is organising a Musical Fest on the 16 Sept which falls on Malaysia day (5pm to 12midnight)

And all top bands from Malacca will be playing to raise funds for school cricket.

My dad will be glad if you could come for this function. Please contact me for further information

Best Regards,
Joel Dionysius

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Joel,

Thank you for the invite. I shall try to be present but please provide more details and I shall put up a posting for you on my blog. Photos and illustrations will also be helpful.

I shall put up your letter as a current posting within these few days.



Hi Andy,

Great ! Will send you the brochure soon. Don't mind if I ask, where are you based? My dad, I know he would want u to have his contact. The music fest will be in Melaka.

Will provide you with more info once I'm in front of my laptop. Do keep in touch ,

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Dear Joel,

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Mr. Francis Theseira.

Although we've all never met, we're brothers and sisters with the Lord and in music.

I shall put up immediately the video and use his You Tube photo. If you have a clearer photograph please provide one asap.

Please send my condolences to his wife and family.

It is a great loss to the group too.

May Mr Francis R.I.P.


ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...



Thanks Andy,

the pic im sending you is the only one i have.

Please find the attachments.

Best regards

(As sent: last picture on right posting).

John Couzens said...

Hi There,
I am John Couzens the lead singer of the Valiants you refer to. I would be happy to correspond with any of the old group and have had the CD copied for family members so I can send out copies. I continued in a musical career once in Australia and toured constantly for 20 years. I still perform several shows a month usually for a charity I support. I have many happy memories of The Valiants and especially Gerry.
Cheers, John

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi John,
Thanks for writing in.
Glad you responded.
Please feel free to write in anytime but best if you provide me an email address for any correspondence that I might receive.
I shall not divulge the address but can be your connection if any.