Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Straight Off The Cuff - Or - The Sleeves Speak

While there are many Singapore artistes and personalities who are approachable and willing to tell their stories about Singapore 60s music, there are others, for reasons of their own, who are not.
Then again, it is difficult to agree to a specific time and place to meet the willing ones. For some people, due to personal reasons or ill-health, they cancel appointments.
Because of the challenges faced these last two years, I shall be unwillingly copying off sleeve-covers to document what recording studios write about their artistes.
I will be calling these postings: Some Sleeves Speak. Many of these vinyls are not availabe in the second-hand market; others are available for very cruel prices.
So for those who do not have these vinyls, they will now have a chance to read about Singapore's own pop 60s music stars straight from the horse's mouth. Or to be exact, straight from the loud-speaker's mouth.
It starts in the next posting.
(If you have vinyls to lend, I shall return them after copying the information from the sleeves.)
Original article: Andy Lim

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