Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mokhtar Hassan - Percussionist Perfectionist

When original Silver Strings drummer Danny Boy was unable to perform with the band for the Esplanade Concert 2010, Audie Ng (band leader) requested the presence of Neu Faces drummer Mokhtar Hassan (image) to hit the skins that evening.

Without much ado Mokhtar joined us, but only temporarily, to be the latest line-up of the Silver Strings. Mokhtar presently plays with the Neu Faces and was with them even before their first European tour in 1984. The group had toured Europe and covered Finland, Switzerland, Austria and Germany then.

A professional all the way, Mokhtar approached me with his metronome when I told him he was playing too fast while accompanying me with Paul Anka's Diana.

"Let's use this," he said, showing me the gadget, "and get the song properly performed on stage." We got it right the second time.

Mochtar drums with accuracy and panache, peaking his best when he accompanied me hitting, Mean Woman Blues and Singing The Blues. Like his drums, he is tough, solid and perfect. Thanks Mokhtar.

Image/Original article: Andy Lim.

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