Monday, August 16, 2010

Elvis Presley - Poor Boy, Love Me Tender!

Jan 8th, 1935 - Aug 16th, 1977:
Strange indeed; while browsing through the record rack in a music shop, the owner offered me Elvis Presley's rare, Extended Play, 1956 vinyl for $4.00 (image). It was in tip-top condition and I took it together with a few other purchased vinyls.
Could have been a gift from the Gods, or from the King himself because I got it yesterday, 15th August 2010, on the eve of his passing. There'll be large crowds in Memphis, Tennessee these few weeks...
Record statistics: HMV 45 rpm/EP. 7EG8199 - Side 1. Love Me Tender (based on Civil War ballad tune, Aura Lee, written in 1861), Love Me. Side 2. Poor Boy, We're Gonna Move. All songs by *Presley/Matson.
*"Vera Matson and Elvis are credited with writing this song, but it was actually written by Vera's husband, Ken Darby, who was the musical director for the film. It was recorded either August 2 or September 24, 1956 at Radio Recorders. It was featured in the movie Love Me Tender.
The movie version had hand clapping and girls screaming. Based on its appearance in the EP Love Me Tender, it reached #35 on Billboard's Top 100 chart and had an 11-week stay."
Song/Composer information from You Tube: Jackiej61too
Image/Article: Andy Lim Collection.


Anonymous said...

Hi was wondering how much this would fetch on the market.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Ya, me too. Not much I guess, considering it's not that rare. Or is it?

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