Friday, June 11, 2010

To Friends And Surfers - Thank You Very Much!

Hullo everyone,

With the World Cup 2010, on tonight in South Africa, I thought I'd pause for a moment and reflect upon the musical merriment I experienced since November 8th 2008:

Part I:

When Audie Ng (managing director of a music event company and leader/bassist of The Silver Strings) approached me to sing with the group again on Nov 8th 2008 at the Vivo City Amphitheatre in Harbourfront, I declined his offer and remarked in all seriousness, "After 45 years it might prove fatal to perform again. Sure die lah, they'll boo me off the stage." But at the YMCA in Stevens Road, where we met for tea in mid-October that year, Audie cajoled, "You are the first singer... Just for fun what..."

After some persuasion, I relented and Audie proved me wrong. The audience was supportive that evening, providing an applause that was not only warm but thunderous. I knew I couldn't even croak but I guessed they clapped because I was gutsy enough to appear under the excruciatingly bright spot lights without any makeup. It was a kind and enthusiastic crowd that cheered for everyone who went on stage. I was no exception.

Part II:

With my own career behind me I realised I had the opportunity to fiddle with the digits on my mobile phone clock; time is in my hands. It had been more than a year since that evening at Vivo City. So with encouragement from some unbelieving friends (huh?), a push from computer techy Mr. Roger Poh and a nod from my wide-eyed wife, I decided to hit the cable and keyboard trail with my tired but cheerful 7 year old female companion Dell and her small, toughy, elder brother Nec.

Now, 17 months and 775 postings later, my multi-byte musings into the wild unknown of Singapore 60s music had come to fruition, not with money-making advertisements and future singing contracts but with the meeting of many friends, both silver and gold. I am re-living an experience I missed in the 60s.

Part III:

After nearly 50 years of a barren wilderness (my career, my career, what career?), I have now managed to accumulate, from generous friends, photographs and write-ups of both the professional and non-professional music people from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Britain, Canada and the US.

There are many friends to thank but will not name them individually (I might miss some) so if you want to know who they are, just go through the postings on this blog. My friends are all within.

Thank you once again for the encouragement and as long as these wicked fingers are nimble enough to hit the keys, I shall carry on with this blog.

Yours sincerely,



Roger said...

It's been a long but rewarding journey both for you and your readers. Reading your postings has armed me with knowledge of 60s music. It's people like you with the passion who keeps 60s music very much alive.

You are a good role model for seniors who still harbour fears of the computer. With the Internet a whole new vista opens for seniors.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Roger is a friend who made this blog possible. Thanks pal.

Victor said...

Andy (got the name right this time), I got a fright with a blog title like that. Luckily, I found out that you will continue to blog. Please do as your articles are very interesting to blokes like me.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Victor. You are one of those who encouraged me with this blog. I have mentioned also about the meeting of the Knights of the Lion City Square Table in Timbuctoo's blog.