Saturday, May 29, 2010

(B) The Professionals: Stylers' Story Continues

xxxxxxxxxxxxWhen the Stylers began their musical journey they played for home parties around the Geylang and East Coast areas. While the stars were just glimmering for the group at the beginning, they showered their brilliance when The Stylers took second place in the finals of The Shadows Competition at the Sky Cinema at Great World (1962) where they had participated. The Stompers were first and The Trekkers third.
But they didn't care because the publicity they received from the show opened doors for them. So with a resounding, "Let's Go!" and John Teo leading the pack, Randy Lee providing the rhythm, Frankie Abdullah pounding the bass and Osman commanding the drums, they never anticipated, that for the next 15 years or more they would be one of the top instrumental groups in the country in terms of record sales and financial gains.
The team's line-up changed and group dynamics improved when former Flamingos and Checkmates veteran Robert Song (vocalist/percussionist) joined them. Then Douglas Tan (bassist) and Alvin Wong (drummer) joined the S-Team too.
As they turned professionals and record sales soared, their income individually, reached 4 figures a month and as businessman Randy puts it, "It was the 60s and more than the amount we were getting in the administrative services we were working for!"
Randy gave up his post even when he was about to be promoted and his boss encouraged him to quit his position when he heard the amount Randy was earning.
And as their journey continued, their musical experience included stints where they performed with the prestigious Radio Television Singapore (RTS) Orchestra.
The group had worked together with home-screen celebrities like, Winston Filmer (bass), John Lee (tenor sax), Renaldo Lachica (alto sax), Olimpio on trumpet (deceased), David Chen (trombone) and Bonny de Souza (piano) who was not from RTS.
Information/Images: Randy Lee
Original article: Andy Lim

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The Stylers eventually is really great in the market even today in 2013 as their music is the best with great guitarist John Teo & also to Randy Lee Keng,Douglas Tan & Lawrence Lum & not forgetten about late Alvin Wong & Robert Song contribution to the music.Best Regards,hope they get together in touch.