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Naomi And Robert Suriya Originals - Long Play

When Naomi and The Boys did an LP collection of their favourites, they called it: The Best of Naomi. Done at Decca MacDonald House, Singapore. Good selection, with clarity and an interpretive sensitivity that only Naomi could carry.

The back sleeve extols the group with a short write-up (edited). "Talent is a very desirable quality and no artiste can hope to get anywhere without possessing a bare minimum. But to get right up to the top, you need individuality - a distinctive sound and style which enables the listener to identify you at once.

On this Decca LP album Naomi and The Boys present 14 great examples of talent, individuality and unique artistry. Each one is an outstanding performance. Naomi sings with her usual sincerity backed by her inimitable Boys. Splendid entertainment."

The line up includes Robert Suriya on lead guitar/glockenspiel, Peter Thomas on bass/rhythm, Moses Tay on organ/piano, with Alphonso Soosay on drums/percussion. According to Henry Suriya, brother to Naomi and Robert, only Tay reads music, so he documents the arrangements for the group.
                           Making Believe by Naomi and the Boys - video by cuckoo bird.
Of the 14 songs, 8 are originals by Suriya, Till The End Of Our Time, I Love You, I Know, I Won't Miss You, The Time Has Come, Get You Outa My Mind, If You Change Your Mind and It's All Over.

The rest of the songs are interpretations of Paul Simon's Sound Of Silence, The Everly's So Sad, Frazier's There Goes My Everything, the well-known Schertzinger/Mercer song, I Remember You, Otis/Benton/Hendricks, Looking Back and the song that made this group famous, Happy, Happy Birthday Baby by Sylvia/Lopez.

Good friend Henry Suriya let me have his only copy of this album. Old St. Andrew's School boys...

His take on the album soon!

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'Unforgettable': Cheryl's Tribute To Her Dad Moses Tay, Bassist For 'Naomi And The Boys'


Unknown said...

Hi Andy,

This is Lu Lin from CNA. Do you have information on how to contact Robert Suriya? Would like to contact him to settle some copyright issues for the songs he wrote.


ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

He has a Facebook. Best to check him out there because as far as I know doesn't live in Singapore.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I have connected this posting to Robert Suriya's FB. We need to remember not only for what they did but for what lessons we learn from past endeavours.


Thank you so much Andy.

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The Best of Naomi--was certainly the Best- Naomi did some titles which were not aired on the air waves yet--We did our Beat as this was eventually going to be Goodbye- I love this albulm too as I experienced the Best of the 4 Boys and the Talent --Moses on the Electric Bass and Keyboards, Alphonso on the Drums and Percussions- Peter Thomas on the Electric Bass and Acoustic and Electric Guitars--We spent time putting this together-Better Studio-and Better Instruments-all this brought out the Best of Naomi.


It was a “LP” that comprised hit tracks from “Naomi & The Boys” early Philips era plus new tracks were added. In spite of this re-use of 1965 & 1966 “Naomi & The Boys” hit songs, the Philips tracks were re-recorded and not using the initial-era Philips tracks. This above Decca LP “The Best of Naomi” featured a mix of originals and popular covers, which showed the Band’s diverse range and versatility. What a team.