Saturday, March 06, 2010

Still Searching For The Velvetones Since 2008

The sleeve image on the right was sent in by Steve Farram from Australia and has the name of the band, The Velvetones printed on its cover. Just wondering if it's the same Velvetones from Singapore, or another one from Malaysia or Indonesia with a similar name?
If you are familiar with the vinyl, the recording company, Oriental, the singer S. Azim Tjan and the songs, Khayal Penyaer, Gadis Di-Jendela, Oh Mulsalmah and Puspa Kenchana, please write in.
(On Dec 22, 2008, there was a posting on the Velvetones. Click below.)

Did The Velvetones Record In Minangkabau?
Thank you Steve.

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