Saturday, March 27, 2010

(II) Jerry Bheem, One Muskrat Caught From Net

While searching on the Internet, blogger found one Muskrat. He noticed the resemblance in the previous posting (image) of Mr Bheem and the name on the signature. So here goes:

"Gerad 'Jerry' Bheem started playing dance music in the 1960s. His first group in the early 60s was called the Muskrats covering Shadows, Ventures and Beatles tunes and they were popular those days playing at the Victoria Memorial Hall, National Theatre and appearing on TV shows.

Next came the Dolphins a Latin American group specializing in Latin, Samba, Bassa Nova, Pop and dance music. His 3rd group (early 70s) was known as Fried Ice a 3 piece group that played Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep and John Mayal tunes. This group build its reputation with the teenagers at RAF Tengah, RAF Changi, Seletar British Club, American Teens Club, Tea Dances along Orchard Road during the early 70s.

Fried Ice was a band popular with the British and American Club in Singapore. Gerry joined a group called, Cupid's Experience. They played Soul & Funk music."

Image/Information: From RETRO GROOVE
1. I remembers Mr Bheem playing with Retro Groove in 2008 at The British Club, Singapore.

2. Retro Groove backed The Esquires and Wilson David at the 60s Reunion Gig at VivoCity Harbourfront Ampitheatre on 8th November, 2008 where I appeared with the Silver Strings.

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