Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heather And Cliff Together! Congratulations!

Bootlegs are not legitimate commercial releases and are illegal but some collectors want them. It is true that all illegal items - not just records - are hard to advertise, buy or sell. So most bootlegs have little value.

They come in several categories though. Some bootleg LPs often feature tracks that have not been commercially released because the recordings are stolen ones. Some are illegal recordings of live concerts.

EPs include re-releases of rare or valuable 45s. Some bootleg 45s are exact copies of rare records with the original label graphics and numbers - these are known in the industry as counterfeits. In Singapore 60s, a record does not need to be rare. As long as it sells well, a bootleg copy is available.

During blogger's search for vinyls, he comes across many bootleg copies. Some of them are so common that they are worthless today, but some of these fakes are being sold in the market for a higher price. At the end of the day it depends on how much a buyer is willing to pay and how badly the seller is willing to part with the bootleg for the amount involved.

The above vinyl, from a flea market, costs S$2.00 but blogger was offered quite a staggering amount for it by a collector. It has a unique cover with our Singapore sweetheart Heather's most popular song, Love Is Blue.

But what makes it special is Cliff Richard's pasted photograph below with the song Congratulations. Together with Green Tambourine Heather (who was with The Diamonds Four), sings Kiss Me Goodbye. And the label is Hi Fi Record without a serial number. They could've have been more imaginative.

Anyone interested in bootleg? Do you have some at home?

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Image/original article: Andy Lim.


Nan @ Nan Tsab said...

thanks for the info.

Teoh said...

Very useful information. Thanks Andy.

When I went hunting for LPs, I came across some of our favourite singers' albums that had different labels from their recording companies. I didn't know whether the companies were produced under license or not. I bought a few of these records too.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

It's worthwhile to keep them because they become priceless (only to ourselves) through the years.

Bootleg copies are not appreciated by many people because many are cheap imitation of the real vinyls.

Teoh said...

I am totally agree with you. I treasure almost every LP that I own(whether it is bootleg copy or original) because I may not be able find the same one again.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

And these vinyls get out of circulation very quickly. Ten years down the road and you don't know what's left behind.

But I have met people who say that vinyls are not worth a dime.

Á Go-Gojira said...

I have a copy of this Heather and Cliff bootleg too. I also have quite a few records I think is bootleg or pirate releases from the Singapore/Malaysia area. These are labels like National (Maria Dan Jasni Iringan The Addend Boys), Sharikat Ocean (Salim I Iringan The Commandos), Pilana (Nancy Sit, A. Romzi Dan The Hooks) and probably some others. There seems to have been a LOT of pirate labels in Singapore and Malaysia back in those days. I wonder if anyone ever got caught and if so, what happened to them?