Monday, February 15, 2010

Adrian C. Tills - British Royal Navy - 1960s

Hi Andy,

How are you ?

Chris of the garagehangover site passed on some correspondence he had from Adrian C. Tills. Adrian was a member of the British Navy based in Singapore for two years in the 1960s. He wrote songs for Rose Iwanaga, the Reyes Sisters, EveyLyn, Evelyn Bridger and Janice Wee. He put out his own records under the name of Roy Stevens.

Do you or any of your musician friends remember Adrian? He would like to get in touch with anyone who remembers him. He would particularly like to get in touch with Mr Lee H King, who was A & R manager at Fajar Records and then for Philips Far East. Have you ever heard of him?

Please let me know if Adrian’s name rings a bell with anyone and if there is any news about Mr Lee H King.
Steve Farram

Darwin, Australia.

From Steve Farram's posting:

"My favourite is Please Tell Terry, which is a straight ahead pop song and the only one without the annoying strings or horns. This song and Say You’re Mine are credited to Adrian C. Tills. I have not been able to find out anything about Adrian and do not know whether these songs are cover versions or were written for the band. I have seen Adrian’s name on a record from a Singapore singer also, so perhaps he was a local..."

(Do write in if you have. I am sure there are people out there who are willing to share information or photographs with others,)


Anonymous said...

Adrian Tills was my father,s best man that being Kenneth Barnard. My father would love to contact Adrain have you a contact telephone number please ?

Andy Lim* said...

Yes I do. But please write again to provide me an email address to write to. I shall not publish your note this time.

Then you can call me afterwards.


Steven Barnard said...

Thanks Andy just read your comment. Please could you forward Adrain's telephone number please, my e-mail address as requested is Thanks alot my dad will be so pleased.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Andy i got my facts abit jumbled. I apologise.
My father a Mr Kenneth Barnard was Adrain's best man out in Singapore during the 1960's.
My father would dearly love to be able to contact Adrain to chat about old times.
Can you help please ? My e-mail address is
Once again thanks alot for your help

BARNARD said...

Sorry Andy

i got my facts abit jumbled. I apologise.

My father a Mr Kenneth Barnard was Adrain's best man out in Singapore during the 1960's.

My father would dearly love to be able to contact Adrain to chat about old times.

Can you help please ? My e-mail address is...

Once again thanks alot for your help

Andy Lim* said...

If anyone is familiar with Adrian C.Tills do write to me and I shall pass on the message to Barnard.

Your email address will not be revealed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy thanks alot for your message.
I just wondered whether you personally might have Adrain's telephone number ? Back in March you seem to suggest you might be able to obtain it.
I would be more than willing to speak to you first if need be.
Once again thanks alot for your help in this matter.
Kind regards Steven.

Andy Lim* said...

The person who wrote to me and whose letter I did not publish suggested that he was able to provide me the phone number but when I wrote back he never replied.

I am now wondering if it is a genuine note. I have sinced deleted the email address. I think if you had written to this person you might not have got a reply.

Let us hope others who know Adrian Tills and your dad would write to me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

Would you have any contact details for Steve Farram please ??
Unfortunately my attempts to trace Adrain Tills on behalf of my father have come to nothing & thus i wondered whether Mr Farram might be a possible link !
Thanks for your help.

Andy Lim* said...

It's a pity. There is a small group of players for Sing60s music actually.

I shall write to Steve Farram if you include your email address which will not be revealed nor published on this blog.

Thank you for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,
We last spoke back in July. I just wondered whether Steve Farram might have replied to your letter ?
It would be great if he did. If not do you know of any other possible link with Adrain ?
Once again your help in this matter is really appreciated ! Thanks !

Andy Lim* said...

I thought I have written to him but will do so again and send your email direct to him.

Please inform me if you received one from him.

My apologies.


Hi Andy,

Yes, I am very busy! And how are you? I’d love to pop over to Singapore and see you, but I can’t see that happening for quite some time.

It was a couple of years ago that Adrian contacted Chris and seemed keen to have some correspondence.

So Chris put me in touch with Adrian, but he never replied, so I am afraid I can’t help.

(This note is in reply to the last letter above. I am afraid I am not able to provide Steve Farram's email address.)

Dusty said...

Hi Andy. Adrian Tills happen to be my landlord in South Africa. He is still as sprightly and full of life as a 20 year old. I only found out about his music career a few nights ago - by accident. He showed us his seven singles - a whole stack of them! I am very happy to know him, as he is a very special person.

Andy Young: Pop Music Not Pills! said...

Thank you Dusty for the post. If you possibly could, please ask him to write to me. I won't reveal his email address. And if he could send me a sharp and clear photograph of each of his recording I'd be grateful.

You are my only connection to Adrian. If he doesn't want publicity just ask him to send me a copy of his records. I have a few but not all seven.

Thanks so much.