Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Krontjong Indonesia Yang Tulen - Sajekti & Sam Saimun Dengan Achmad And His Band.

SONGS I LOVE: Another friend, with lots of records to give away, called me a few days ago and I came home with a box of beautiful krontjong (Indonesian spelling) vinyls. Since I grew up with this music, it was elation undescribed. One of the pieces found is this fantastic vinyl by Sajekti and Sam Saimun with Achmad and his Band (Record detail: Orkes Krontjong Asli XCSV 94824).

The songs, 12 in all, include an English explanation for each krontjong. What more can anyone ask for? The titles on Side One include: Krontjong Rindu Malam, Rangkaian Melati, Krontjong Penawar Duka, Krontjong Hanja Untukmu, Krontjong Sapulidi, Krontjong Telomojo.

On Side Two: Krontjong Senjuman Chandra, Bengawan Solo, Krontjong Air Laut, Krontjong Mawar Sekuntum, Krontjong Hanya Engkau, Krontjong Senda.

As a sampling of the quality and details given on the back sleeve to explain the lyrics, Bengawan Solo (internationally popular) is presented thus: "The story of a river in Solo (Central Java), made famous in song and story, that during the dry season is almost empty of water but when the rainy season comes overlflows its banks, bearing the prahus of merchants with their wares. (above video is from You Tube and not from the vinyl record mentioned).

Originating in the Seribu Gunung (Thousand Mountains), the river flows turbulently at times, quietly at others, till it empties into the ocean beyond. The melody became famous during the Revolution of 1945." (Composer: Gesang; Singer: Sam Saimun)

And this piece of information is only one of 11 others. Another favourite, Krontjong Air Laut has a shorter piece, "Ocean Water, the title, is like other pantun songs, for improvisation, the name being just a name." (Improvisation, where singers 'battle' their wits with on-the-spot lyrics, is common in Indonesian, Malay and Peranakan pantun, a form of verse in the Indonesian/Malay language).

Comment anyone?

Original article/Image: Andy Lim Collection.

You Tube: Bengawan Solo - Chan Yung Yung by MUdotcom

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