Sunday, January 03, 2010

78 RPM - Gene Autry 'Buttons & Bows' Country

Sung by Bob Hope to Jane Russell in the 1948 film, Paleface, Buttons, and Bows won the Oscar that year for best song. It was written by composer Jay Livingston and lyricist Ray Evans, a prolific team who have written a great many hit songs including, To Each His Own, Golden Earrings, Mona Lisa, Silver Bells, Que Sera Sera, Dear Heart, and Tammy. 

I saw this movie as a child at the Queen's Cinema, Singapore. It was a real treat for a boy! And told my mum that she had a paleface too - I was only 9 years old - when she wasn't happy that I spent 50 Cents watching the movie from the cinema, which was a five-minute walk from my home. For a whole week, the topic was fresh in her mind.
As the world goes into the second decade of the 21st Century, I forward into the late 40s and managed to get a copy of Gene Autry's, Buttons And Bows on 78rpm, MR3814 Regal Zonophone.

There are people who do not appreciate such records and dump them into the waste bin outside the house. If you see some of these beautiful pieces, pick them up. They are worth treasures. You will never know how much they cost. And if you have a player, wow, that's another big deal.

On the flip side is A Boy From Texas - A Girl From Tennessee sung by our yodeling cowboy. 

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Gene Autry sings 'Buttons and Bows' featured in a movie called, 'Paleface' (1948)

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Teoh said...

Wow Andy, you got a Gene Autry 78RPM record. I heard Gene Autry on YouTube many times and really like his songs. I have been trying to get his records too.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Yes, BC and for S$2.00. I should have taken you to the stall. Never mind, will look out for 78rpm records for you too.

Couldn't try it out as I don't have a record-player. If you see any in your city, please get the 2nd copy for me.

Teoh said...

Thanks Andy, we need a gramophone to play 78rpm records. My present record player can only play LP and EP. Anyway, I would like to own Gene Autry's record if it is 78rpm.

I have only seen Gene Autry's LP once but I did not pick it up as I did not who was Gene Autry then.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Let me find out if there are some more. Will go next week, but no promises.

This purchase of 78s came with, Russ Hamilton's, "Tiptoe Through The Tulips", Jane Powell's, "By The Light Of the Silvery Moon" and a Christmas one, "Oh Come All Ye Faithful." All for S$6.00.