Thursday, January 14, 2010

(3) British Army Servicemen And Camps Influence Singapore 50s And 60s Music


It's not true that Servicemen bands in Singapore only started in the 60s. Even before Cliff Richard's landing in Singapore, there were some Britons, individuals and bands, playing at some of the local nightclubs in the 50s, including the Golden Venus at Orchard Road.

Lance Raymond (stage name/image) was one of them. He was with the British Army and got involved with the music scene in Singapore and Malaya in the late 50s. He knew some local musicians like the Solianos and played more Cha Cha Cha and Latin music. Besides some Britons, there was also a large population of Phillipino (Pinoy) musicians in Singapore during the 30s until the 50s. Below is his story.

"Prior to 110 Squadron RAF arriving in Singapore, it was based at Butterworth, Malaya and most of us in the squad with married families were living in Penang around 1962 to 1963. During my first few months in Penang I made friends with the manager of the Eastern and Oriental Hotel (E&O) in George Town, Penang." Comments please from Malaysians everywhere?

Check: December 29th/30th for Postings 1 and 2 on British Servicemen in Singapore.

Image/Edited Information: P.C. Collection.

Image/Original Article: By Lance Raymond.

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