Friday, September 11, 2009

(G) Sci-Fi Japanese Movie: Mysterians, Godzilla

According to a member of the Singapore 60s band, the group was actually inspired by a science-fiction Japanese movie produced in 1957 (image) by Toho Studios.
The group loved the name and unanimously agreed to call themselves, The Mysterians. The movie was a 60s sci-fi genre, and like Godzilla it had a great following. Great movie, great band, great name!
Image: Mysterians movie Websites.
Original article: Andy Lim


Nan said...

hebat!! saya juga gemarkan filem sci fi lama..

Andy Young* said...

Terima kaseh Nan. Sudi mampir lagi. Lemes saya!

Anonymous said...

I am a sci-fi fan also.