Saturday, August 08, 2009

National Day Wish - Compilation of Singapore Pop 60s Songs & Music - Please contribute:

In the 60s many popular songs were composed by our own singers and songwriters. The list is long and it would take some research and many postings to produce one. Blogger intends to post such a list and seeks the help of everyone out there to compile one.
It would be wonderful if it starts on the eve of National Day 2009. Please contribute if you know of Singapore pop songs in English, composed by our 60s local talents. Others in Chinese, Malay and Tamil could come later.
Let's start the rock rollin':

1 Shanty - Henry Chua
2 It's All Over - Robert Suriya
3 Too Late For Tears - Shirley Nair
4 Do It Right - The Trailers
5 My Lonely Heart - Harvey Fitzgerald/ G. Pasqual
6 I've Been A Fool - Mike/Herb Van Dort/Dickie Tan
7 Never Die - Mark Yun

The list goes on...
The Quests
Click 'comments' below and help us with your selection. Thank you.


BC Teoh said...

A noble effort.

Happy National Day

Andy Young* said...

Thank you BC. If you know the songs and composers of Malaysia's pops please contribute because we can always combine them.