Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Shadows Repertoire - 60s Music Drummer

Who is this mystery man? He is a mean one on the drums and is comparable to the best percussionists on this island.
Can you remember the band he was with during the 60s? Blogger has been advised not to reveal his name. He plays Cliff Richard & The Shadows music with much versatility.


kod ekle said...

Greetings from Turkey.Have a nice day.

Andy Young* said...

Merhaba and iyi aksamlar. Thank you for visiting this blog. The bands and singers are preparing for a show this week, where we play 60s music and this is the new line-up.
I have visited your blog. Turkish music is great and the people are wonderful as I have visited your country in the 90s.
Cheers and have a nice day too.