Saturday, July 25, 2009

60s Pop Rock Concert Theatre Crowd Singapore

The large and excited crowd at the Those Were The Days Concert at Orchid Country Club on the 24th July, 2009. Digital camera clocks don't lie. At 23:29, they were still rocking the aisle with Hey Jude.
Performers have the crowd to thank for the success of the concert.
Image: Roger Poh Collection.


Anonymous said...

Oldies and youngies seem evenly matched here. We appreciate youngies' support, and hope they took back home more than music. james ong

Andy Young* said...

Yes, they enjoy the show and the songs. One tells me the lyrics are more meaningful. I am not sure about this as the lyrics in 60s songs usually discuss lost love. Is that 'meaningful'?

Victor said...

Andy, you snapped a photo of my friend and wife! They are the couple behind the date-stamp of the photo. He just retired and I took over his job.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Victor. We could have coffee altogether one day. I shall write to you soon.