Monday, July 20, 2009

Apollo Moon Landing 20 July 1969 David Bowie

 20 JULY, 1969 APOLLO 11 US
20 JULY, 2017 APOLO 7 SG
I remember a friend who used to live in the Katong and Joo Chiat area. He tried to tape the sound of the moon landing from his radio and television set, using his leather bound Sony Tape Recorder. It was an open recording where he held the recorder's microphone directly in front of the radio loud speaker.  I told him would not turn out clear. But it did. The magic of cassette tapes then.
                 First Moon Landing 20 July 1969: Video from beanz2u

On July 20th in 1969 (exact to the day), the lunar module Eagle landed on the moon at 20:18 UTC. Apollo 11 was the spaceflight with two humans on the moon. They were mission commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin.
A special song by David Bowie made its debut in July 1969. Because of much interest amongst the public with space flights, Space Oddity was released to great success.  It was a seven-inch vinyl single. 
Apolo 7 SG Landing

This posting has just been rejuvenated and 8 years added to it. By a strange coincidence, 7 of us good friends, landed at the Apollo Restaurant this afternoon (20 July 2017) to have lunch. 

Same Name and Day: Apollo 11 Spacecraft. Apolo 7 Restaurant. 20 July 1969, 20 July 2017.
Astronauts @ The Apolo (from left): G. Jega, E. Angullia, Mr/Mrs Tan WS, Jerry S., Rajendran, Andy Lim.

Images: A Personal Collection, Google.
YouTube Video: David Bowie July 1969 Recording: Space Oddity.


Roger said...

That's interesting...did he manage to tape the historic occasion?

Andy Young* said...

He did but with 60s music in the background. It was a pleasure though and a day to remember.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Another rejuvenated posting because of the moon landing this day. Just by coincidence 7 of us landed at the Apolo (minus one letter L) for a lunch organised by G. Jeganathan yesterday 20 July 2017.

Thanking Jega and the group all in their 70's and 80's for a great meal.