Thursday, July 30, 2009

Millie Small? Connie Francis? Veronica Young! Silver Threads And Golden Needles

 I knew Veronica as Veronica Soon and met her when we were both doing a show at the Garrick Cinema to promote a moview. Veron is well known both as Singapore's Connie Francis because of her powerhouse vocals. She is officially Singapore's Millie Small having won the title in the mid-sixties with the Silver Strings accompanying her at the Sky Cinema. She is still singing to day but has migrated to France from Singapore after she got married.

Photographs are still coming in. So be patient. Veronica Young (jmage) during rehearsals at the recording studio. It was a hard day's night as The Silver Strings accompanied everyone during the practices for about 7 to 8 nights at a stretch.
Veronica had to fly in from France, Mike from Melbourne and Herb from Cairns. But when everyone got together there were about 25 songs to rehearse, co-ordinate and perform. Within a small studio, the sound of the guitars, drums and keyboard can be deafening. Ear plugs are a must but how many musicians have them on?

Unless there is a love for the game and the music...
Image/Original article: Andy Lim.


Anonymous said...

What a scintillating and energetic performance from Veronica, Herb and Mike! That you all flew here all the way from France and Australia is testament to your great love for music.

Anonymous said...

It's unique and I wonder just how often it happens in Singapore, where former Singaporeans who have migrated, return to entertain their audiences and then fly home again. And Veronica, Mike and Herb are in their 60s.

Andy Young* said...

Thank you for all the support. They are actually a great group to work with. We are family!