Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Beatles Unlimited Hey Jude I Wanna Hold Your Hand Please Please Me In Singapore

Without Beatle jackets and even in the cold, cold Orchid Ballroom, the Beatles Unlimited from Austria and the audience felt the heat, as the group pounded their guitars and screamed, I Saw Her Standing There, She Loves You, Hard Day's Night and other hits by the fab four.

They definitely sing like the Beatles and cockneyed their way with cheeky quirps. It was a great performance, as everyone enjoyed these impersonators with their mop tops complete with authentic Beatle guitars.

But they're really wonderful human beings and after meeting them personally. It's a pleasure to have made friends with the four fabs who came all the way from Austria to entertain Singapore 60s music enthusiasts.

Image: Roger Poh Collection

Original article: Andy Lim


Anonymous said...

Suddenly I was transported back to the 60s, and only the artic air conditioning kept reminding me I was in the 21st century. They brought down the roof with their rousing performance, and I noted with pleasure that even the young too were mesmerised and started dancing! CATHERINE

Andy Young* said...

Entertainment plus. And very nice foursome too.