Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rahimah Rahim Sings Teresa Teng & Dean Martin - Backstage With Andy

Dean Martin made it a hit in the 50s and 60s and Michael Buble's revival made it an international hit all over again.

When Rahimah Rahim performed this song, the audienced clapped throughout. And when the accompanying children danced with her, the audience roared.

As marimba rhythm started to play, Rahimah delivered Sway like no other. Teresa Teng was not forgotten when Rahimah sang the Chinese version of Dayong Sampan and the large Friday crowd appreciated it just as much.

Backstage, Rahimah obliged a picture with Andy as she waited her turn to sing. Image was taken on the 23rd July, first night at the Orchid Country Club Concert in Singapore.

She has always been in the entertainment business; her father was Singapore's Nat King Cole. He was Rahim Hamid who performed all over Singapore during the 50s and 60s. Close your eyes when he sings and you think you're listening to Nat himself.

Rahimah does the same as she can always transport you to another time and place when she sings in Malay, Chinese and English. I understand she sings in some other languages too.

Image/Original Article: Andy Lim


Andrew said...


I would like to know how can I contact Rahimah. We are organising an event for the elderly in October and would like Rahimah to be one of our guest performers. I can be contacted at
Andrew Chay

Anonymous said...

Rahimah has a Facebook. Please go to her blog and you can get in touch with her.