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Pan Xiu Qiong - SK Poon - Straits Times Press 潘秀瓊

Pan Xiu Qiong or Poon Sow Keng, the original singer of "Lover's Tears," is featured in today's Straits Times Life Section. Read about her life and the book she has published that will soon be available.

At the Monday Interview by Straits Times journalist Andy Chen, she explains why her fans must 'forget her not'.

She will be appearing in a concert in August at Suntec City. Also on May 21st, 2009 an article about her was posted on this blog. Check them out.

A Personal Experience:

My moments with this lady singer came about when I was introduced to her by a Chinese school teacher friend of mine, Mr Eddie Toh. Eddie was with me at a primary school in Tanjong Rhu. We got along fine; he wanted to learn more English, I wanted to learn about Chinese pops.

Lover's Tears was the first song he introduced me to. This was in the mid-sixties when I had already left the Silver Strings and was grounded at school. I was gently advised about singing in the evenings and doing vinyl recordings with the band. I didn't do any more singing nor played with any band, focused on my work and, as a hobby, set my mind on learning about our local Chinese singers.

Eddie interpreted the song to me line by line (remember there was no Google Translate nor any useful nor fruitful Chinese interpretation gadgets at that time except for the usual listen and repeat Chinese lessons).
I had tried to attend one of her concerts when she was here not many years ago but to no avail. Her concerts were usually booked full house weeks before her performance.

According to Ms Pan, this song made her famous. For me, it made me learn a little Mandarin.

Thank you, Eddie Toh, wherever you are today and Ms Poon for learning Mandarin using the lyrics of your songs.
Oh my gosh! I grow up listening to S K Poon! The Queen Of Bass with her unique and distinctive vocals is one extraordinary performer whose renditions will bring music souls on a beautiful reminiscing journey and a trip down nostalgia lane. I could still remember saving up quite a bit to get my first cassette tape, a compilation of her classic songs and I could play over and over in my black Sony Walkman way back in the 80’s. From cassette to this one favourite CD of mine, her songs have walked me through many decades and she is still one of my most favourite female singers. Brother Andy, great to hear this again. Thank you for posting!😊

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Lam Chun See said...

I have a CD of her Christian songs which she probably recorded quite recently. Until then, I didn't know she was into gospel music as well.

Lam Chun See said...

I am surprised that you did not include Bee Gees in your long list of artistes. I believe some of their biggest hits were in the 60's. Late 60's perhaps. Eg. Massachusetts, and I Started a Joke.

Andy Young* said...

Yes sir. The Bee Gees will appear soon enough. Must be your favourite artistes too?

Andy Young* said...

Thank you sir for the information. You are well versed in music. Do contribute some more.

KOH SUI PANG said...

I will keep my tears for my lover ...ha ha !!!!!!


Andy my favourite song and each time I sing this song my tears will roll down.

This song reminds me of my sad past memories. Even when writing to you I'm emotional my tears start to roll again.

I don't know mandarin so I learnt the lyrics by heart and listening to the song many times. Being born in a tough Peranakan family I had a hard life since young. I love my late parents very much and do anything for them.

Thanks, Brother. One of these days we will organise an event at our restaurant and we will rock okay?

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry Jenny. But it's really good to cry sometimes when you remember the past. It's a catharsis and helps you to a better tomorrow. Take care.

Thanks Jenny, I shall wait for the day. :-)

FRED CHING said...

This is so kind of you to reply! Sending best wishes your way😊

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Oh my goodness, that's a beautiful piece you wrote, Fred. I shall put your story up on the main page of my SK Poon posting and send you a connection. Thanks so much. We all just love the Queen of Bass.


S L Poon used to move around with the late Foo Suyin.She is still alive and walk around a block in Toa Payoh.She appeared in a Koo Mei's movie called "The Swallow"a Shaw Bro Production.

FRED CHING said...

Thanks for your encouraging message and if I may add..Listening to SK Poon lovely songs always sends me to nicer times.


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