Thursday, April 23, 2009

Silver Strings: Andy, Shirley Nair, 'You're The Boy'.

The third line-up of the Silver Strings (Audie, Dickie, Shirley, Osman, Merlin). Dickie Tan had replaced David Chan on lead. Dickie and Shirley had since passed on. 

Together with Mike and Herb, they have cut many records, 12 songs in all on Philips. One of  Shirley Nair's songs, You're The Boy, was revived lately because of the YouTube short film for SG50 (story below).
Dave Chan
Andy and Shirley: Prize Giving

Shirley joined them after former singer Andy Young (Lim) decided to leave the group.   He had fronted them from 1964-1965 but left to pursue an academic path.  His line-up had David Chan as lead guitarist.  

After a long absence and with much persuasion, Andy came back in 2008 to sing with the group again and carried on till today. By then Merlin had also left and with a new lineup comprising Audie Ng and Danny Boy, The Silver Strings and Andy have since appeared and performed in a concert together.  At the same time, Andy started this blog to tell his story. Revival!

You can find these stories and photographs of all their shows on this blog under CONCERTS (YEAR) on the right bar Content page.

January 2015.

*Made for SG 50, the present short-film on YouTube, You're The Boy would have featured Andy as grandfather Merlin in the story but because Andy was ill with a very bad 'flu actor Laurence Lim replaced him during production.  
Laurence, Audie, Andy, Rickie.
This information was revealed on FB after the video was released.  The other seniors in the short-film featured under the Silver Strings banner were: Audie Ng, Osman better known as Danny Boy (original members) and Rickie Chng who was lead guitarist featured during the Orchard Road and RELC International Hotel performances.  

Images: Andy Lim Collection. (Copyrights Reserved.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy, I've watched the SG50 YouTube clip on You're The Boy and was searching for more info on Shirley Nair. Either I'm really bad at searching or there's really nothing much online regarding her. I am wondering if you might have any knowledge of what became of her after she left the Silver Strings.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi anon,

There have been instances when celebrities do not want to divulge what they do after they retire from the scene.

I respect this wish and hope you understand.

Thanks for visiting. Do come again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy, understood :-)