Friday, February 06, 2009

The Silver Strings - 'Mat Tiga Suku' - Keris Film

The versatility of The Silver Strings is well known. The group provided the background music for the movie, MAT TIGA SUKU when it was produced in 1964 by Cathay Keris and before the group recorded for the Philips label. It was the first of many movies that followed the crazy antics of Mat Sentol, another Malay comedian.

(Image: From Chubby Ghaz Collection.)

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Andy Young* said...

I actually remember that about this time I left the Silver Strings but freelanced with other bands for fun.

I think the recording studio was at Jalan Ampas. Cathay Keris had access to a park that had since disappeared at Sennett Estate (the one that surrounds Wan Tho Avenue at Serangoon Road presently). Loke Wan Tho was the big boss behind Cathay Organisation and Keris.