Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Thunderbirds, You Were Made For Me To Love...

The trend continued and many Singapore 60s bands composed and recorded their own songs with lyrics that had similar love theme appeals. Harvey Fitzgerald (My Lonely Heart - 1966) was one singer/songwriter who wrote lyrics that would be fondly remembered by many babyboomers.

Their second biggest hit, next to their signature song was You Were Made For Me To Love (1967). Harvey Fitzgerald, who also composed this song, sang it from deep within.

The Thunderbirds include: DERRICK FITZGERALD on lead guitar, WILLIAM WEE, bass guitar, HARVEY FITZGERALD, rhythm guitar, with vocalist IVAN FITZGERALD, The percussionist was FREDDIE TAN.

Another line-up in 1969 includes: RICHARD DANKAR, bass, FREDDIE KANG, organist and SHEDIG MARICAN, drummer.

Image from Andy Lim Collection.


Anonymous said...

My lonely heart, one of the better songs composed by a Singaporean next to Shanty. Very popular on Brian Richmond's 90.5.

Andy Young* said...

Yes, true. In fact there are many great songs composed by our own singer/songwriters. Robert Suriya is one with his, "It's All Over" and "I Know", both sung by Naomi and The Boys.